The Elves’ 12 Days of Christmas (Day Twelve)

It’s here!

The final day of The Elves’ 12 Days of Christmas, and Polly Polite isn’t bringing us cookies- she’s bringing us her wardrobe!

Here’s the background story about Polly Polite- the Pollock Elementary Elf:

Polly belongs to my mom. When my mom was here last month for the Bayou Embroidery Boot Camp we decided that her school needed an elf. But not just any elf. An elf with a purpose. An elf that would not only watch over the children and report back to Santa their nice (or naughty) behavior, but one that would instill manners and teach lessons on being polite.

And thus, Polly Polite was born.

Polly Elf

I crafted her letter to the students for her arrival day.

Greetings from the North pole, 

I’m sending my friend Polly who shouldn’t be touched by a soul. 

Polly believes in manners and being polite, bad behavior and disrespect give her such fright. 

Each evening when you return home, Polly reports to me the good deeds you have shown. 

Be kind to your neighbor, be kind to your friend, these are the rules you must never let end. 

I’m leaving Mrs. Cathy in charge of Polly, my elf. 

You’ll find her watching from every corner and shelf. 

So remember to say thank you and always say please, 

for Polly is watching and has Santa to appease. 

Have fun, 


Each day, Polly  rotated areas around the school.

She rode in on her high horse (motorcycle) wearing a monogrammed dress of course.

Polly Born to Be Wild

She had on her glasses, and was ready for classes.

Polly Glasses

Loving to read, she searched through the books in all the school library nooks.

Polly Polite

Karate chopping in the gym because it was way too cold to swim.

Polly Polite- the Pollock Elementary Elf

Decorating the bulletin board was oh so fun, it was quite impossible for her to choose just one.

Polly Polite- the Pollock Elementary Elf

Helping with chores in such a nice manner, it’s a good thing that Polly is a perfect little planner.

In the janitor’s closet it was Maid For A Day. Leave it to Polly to help keep germs away.

Polly Polite

In the lunchroom helping out with the dishes, Polly Polite was dreaming of all the Christmas wishes.

Polly Polite- the Pollock Elementary Elf

In the afternoon, it was time for a snack. Polly the chef was sure to have the kids’ back.

Polly Chef

Her everyday fashion was the envy of all, that Polly Polite must really like the elf Mall!

Polly Polite- The Pollock Elementary Elf

Ring a ding, and ding a-ling dong,

Polly joined music class to sing a sweet song.

Polly Music Class

Got her ears pierced and was late for the bell, so it was off to Mrs. Durand’s with an excuse she would tell.

Polly Principal's Office

Dress for success and do it with style, Polly Polite wore ruffles that made the kids smile.

Polly Ruffle Dress

In the cafeteria, Polly waited for lunch.

Polly Polite Lunch

She even brought gifts for the lunch lady bunch!

Polly Lunch

Her bags were packed and it was time for Christmas break.

Oh the fun that was had, and who knew the memories she would make?!

Polly Departure

She left her new friends with The Elf on the Shelf movie,

but she was off to the North Pole feeling cozy and groovy!

Until next year, stay sweet and stay kind

even though we can’t see her we know we’ll be on Polly’s mind.


Cute, huh? I’m not sure who had more fun the kids at my mom’s school or my mom!

I can only imagine what fun Polly will bring to 2014!

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