Super Bowl Sunday = Leftovers on Monday

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It’s nearly time for the Super Bowl!

I personally don’t really care for professional sports, but man oh man do I love a good play or championship off game.

And boy do I love the food at those gatherings. For me, it’s the best part!

And what I love even more than my love of those gatherings is that Super Bowl Sunday =Leftovers on Monday.

oooooooh yeah!

With a week left top plan and coordinate, here’s a few ideas to help get your juices flowing.

First things first:  Plan your menu. 

Remember me saying food is the most important part of the day? If you have females in attendance you’re going to want to put a bit more thought into your soiree rather than allowing your husband or significant other to simply toss chips on the table.

I elected to go really casual and serve chili in bowls. I mean, after all, it is the Super BOWL.

Super Bowl Sunday Entertaining

To make it a bit more exciting, I  also served “Touchdown Taters” to put a festive spin on baked potatoes.

Super Bowl Touchdown Taters

Just set up an additional station with toppings and call it a day.

Super Bowl Sunday Entertaining

Keep the Fritos handy for anyone who would instead prefer a Frito Pie.

Next: Fancy up your table. 

Since my  team, the New Orleans Saints, didn’t make it to the big show I went with team neutral colors for my gathering.

It’s not necessary to jump on the bang wagon and go crazy in team specific colors when it’s not a team you normally cheer for. You can still be festive without being a traitor.

Kraft paper tablecloths are the way to go, friends. You can use Sharpie pens to write your menu offerings right on the table. Just scribble right on the table and draw arrows pointing to their location.

Super Bowl Sunday Entertaining

Not fancy enough for you?

Then feast your eyes on my pleated paper tablecloth. That’s right ladies, it’s made from the same paper you ship your goods with.

And it sorta resembles my curtains. Bonus.

Pleated Paper Tablecloth


And you know what’s even BETTER about using your Sharpies, writing on your tablecloth, and creating pleats?

When someone spills their chili all over your tablecloth, you simply throw it away. You’ve lost about $8. That’s it.  No rushing to the washing machine. No stains that ruin your day. You’re just sad that you want to save your pleats forever.

Party Time: Enjoy your quests.

Just because you may not love the teams that are playing, be a gracious host and participate in the action. During the game is not the time to talk about or bring up serious subjects.

World peace? Don’t do it. Couple decided to call it quits? No no. Fishing for details of someone’s recent firing? You’ve been warned.

Encourage casual conversations, and make sure your snack plate is ready come half time- the real star of the show.

And finally: Send your guests home with treats for crying out loud.

Nine times out of ten you’re going to over do it with the food selection. You get excited and before you know it you’ve made chili for 20 rather than 10. You slaved over desserts that no one had room for. It happens. There’s no need to end the party when the game ends though. Instead, do a little pre-planning and have some to-go boxes ready to roll. I whipped up these simple labels for my Rubbermaid storage containers and rather than holding onto all those leftover baked potatoes? You guessed it. They’ll be someone’s lunch the following day.

Super Bowl Sunday To Go Boxes

It’s the game day gift that keeps on giving.

Super Bowl Party To Go

Ready to Sharpie up your Super Bowl tablecloth and create some Rubbermaid to-go packages?

By simply texting the word COUPONS to Target from  January 25- February 8th, you will receive $1 off any Sharpie product (4 pack or more) and $1 off Rubbermaid storage! Note: You will type the word Target in the Recipient field of your phone- no number.


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