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Pina Colada With a Punch

Have big plans this Memorial Day weekend?

The husband and I have a bit too much on the agenda this weekend, but I’m always one to try to make it all work.

For starters, it’s the Bayou Country Superfest weekend. I’m not a huge country fan but I do love Lady Antebellum and am most excited about seeing them.

It’s also the weekend for the annual Jambalaya Festival and I’m not one to pass up sampling jambalaya’s from the competition cook off.

Add an extra day for barbecuing and acknowledging our military and you’ve got one packed weekend!

If you find yourself juggling multiple events this weekend and need a simple, quick, delicious color coordinated cocktail, then may I propose this:

Memorial Day Cocktail

Hawaiian Punch Infused Pina Colada in less than 2 minutes.

(minus the actual freeze time)

Begin with a ready made, alcohol included individual sized pina colada package.

Then add a SMALL squirt of Hawaiian Punch Water Enhancer. I used Fruit Juicy Red.

Why small? This stuff is potent and I say small squirt because otherwise you’re going to have really, really red lips.

Swirl, swirl, swirl.

If you want to go the extra mile, freeze some mini ice cubes in your Hawaiian Punch flavor, and drop those into your glass too.

Add a coordinating straw.

Maybe make some Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon flavored Pina Coladas to match your monogrammed gingham cooler.

And if you’re not into the adult beverages this Memorial Day, just pack some matching vintage jars in your gingham cooler.

You’ll sure look snazzy.

And can we chat about this gingham cooler I scored at Target for a whopping $3?

That’s right, people.

Three dollars.

Even if you don’t have access to an embroidery machine, and you paid someone $6 or so to put your initials on it  that’s still a really inexpensive gift and/or addition to your summer.

In Louisiana, one is not caught dead without a cooler.

It’s H-O-T-T here already.

Hot with 2 t’s.

PS: Target had yellow gingham too! But not the Target by me. I bought all the red & yellow gingham they had.

Sorry, friends. But one knows a good deal when she sees it.

Have an incredible weekend!


  1. These coolers are TOO CUTE! I have got to get myself one (or 3?). Southwest Georgia is also not a place to be caught without a cooler, or a monogram!

    Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Right?!? I grabbed two, did some shopping and was like “who are you kidding, go back and get them all!”

      Have a great weekend!!!

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