Mother’s Day + Mason Jars

Ya’ll, I completely missed Monogram Monday yesterday.

I don’t think anyone noticed, but if you did….I’ll make up for it later in the week!

Life is just so darn crazy right now.

Crazy, but full of some great opportunities.

Crazy, but thrilling over a shop expansion and bringing someone new onto the team soon.

Crazy, but exciting with fun summertime partnerships.

Crazy, trying to get our house prepared to place on the market and one step closer to obtaining our dream home.

Crazy, and beyond blessed that I’ll be SPEAKING in front of a group of entrepreneurs in a couple of weeks to share my story.

See? Crazy.

In the midst of the craziness, my father in law coordinated a special lunch for my mother in law this past weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day.

I was in charge of the dessert.

I’ll be sharing the dessert soon, but in case you’re wondering I made a Butter Pecan Cake with Brown Butter Frosting and Candied Pecan Topping.


And for the lady who has everything, I decided to make her something this year rather than shop.

Mason Jar Tea Towel

A fun little ruffled linen fabric tea towel with Mason Jar applique in the ever so popular shade of vintage blue.

A tea towel with delicate ruffles.

Ruffled Mason Jar Tea Towel

A ruffled tea towel that she won’t spot in a big box retail store.

Have I told you lately how much I love ruffles?

I love them a lot.

Ruffled Mason Jar Tea Towel

And vintage blue jars with antique keys?

I love those a lot, too.

mason jar Gift Set with jar and tea towel

It just so happened that my stationery matched, too.

Thank goodness I purchased enough linen to make myself one or two or ten.

I hear Ball Jar Co. will be coming out with additional colors.

I’m going to need one in each color. Yep. I can see it now.

See you tomorrow for a Southern Craft Academy sneak peek!


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