Host a #SaintsStyle “Homegate” in 5 Easy Steps

Tis’ the season for football outings, watch parties, and my favorite……stylish homegates.

What’s a homegate you ask?

It’s a tailgate in your home!

The fun, the food, and the team spirit all from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s start with my quick and easy plan to make your next soiree a “saintsational” event, shall we?

1. Plan The Menu

Tailgating, or in our case homegating is all about the food. When else can you slow cook lil’ sausages for hours and feel confident directing someone to your crock pot to serve themselves? Think easy to eat foods. Chips, dips, finger sandwiches, grilled foods, etc.

For dip ideas that are sure to please, consider my Spicy Corn Dip or go fancy and whip up this Skillet Pizza Dip.

You’ll want to have plenty of snacks on hand for munching in between quarters.

Mini Pecan Tarts

These mini pecan tarts are ideal for when you want something sweet, but not an entire piece of pie.

Pick em’ up at the grocery store, pop them on a pretty cake stand and no one will ever know you didn’t lift a finger in the kitchen.

Rather than dumping your snacks into a large container and needing a bowl, a serving utensil, and making your guests do the work, consider repackaging into individual serving containers.

I tossed my team colored gourmet popcorn from Popology into festive goodie bags to encourage my team to “grab, go, and watch the show”.

Saints Mix Popcorn

2. Stock the Bar

Football = Beer.

It is what it is. When you turn football on the television, men will request a beer. Or two. Or ten.

Have plenty of beer iced down prior to kick off, but keep your less than frosty feeling friends in mind as well.

I like incorporating a spirited beverage that keeps things feeling classy.

Just because it’s football, doesn’t mean we have to be…..well, tacky face painted football fanatics.

Blackberry Champagne Cocktail

Blackberry Champagne Cocktail
Recipe Type: Cocktail
Author: Aimee
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
Adapted from the Williams Sonoma Blackberry Champagne Cocktail
  • 4 blackberries, quartered
  • 1/4 cup triple sec
  • 4 sugar cubes
  • 1 bottle (750ml) Champagne, Prosecco or other dry sparkling white wine,
  • chilled
  1. In a small nonreactive bowl, combine the blackberries and triple sec and let stand for about 15 minutes to let the fruit macerate.
  2. Place 1 sugar cube in each of 4 Champagne flutes.
  3. Spoon 4 pieces of marinated blackberry into each flute. Top with Champagne and serve immediately.

3. Pull Out the Decor

There’s no need to go overboard, but putting a few festive team colored touches around the house will set the tone for your guests that they are welcomed to enjoy the game, and know that you’re rooting for the same team.

New Orleans Saints Tassel Garland

See that custom made metallic tassel garland?

Those were created exclusively for Aimee Broussard & Co. and are hitting the shop soon.


A tissue garland is an easy (and classy) way to jazz up your space.

Game time over? Take it down and store it for the next round.

4. Dress the Part

New Orleans Saints Apron

You’ve invited friends and family over, you’ve prepared your menu, served up your cocktails and hung your garland now it’s time to show your team spirit! I am a firm believer in not needing to plaster logos all over yourself in order to do so. In fact, I’ve made it quite easy to dress the part during the setup of your entire shindig and created a company solely provided for this oh so necessary occasion.

Tie it on. Set your table. Greet your guests. Hang it up for the next time.

Done. No spills on your game day frills.

New Orleans Saints Apron

The epitome of a true hostess with the mostess can occur in as little as 1-2-3.

5. Get in the Game!

And last but certainly not least, enjoy the game. Even if you don’t particularly love football, and your cheese ball didn’t set- take this opportunity to enjoy the memories with your family.

Oh, and don’t forget the power of the pom poms!  Wave those around, and I promise you’ll forget all about the fact that you have no idea what’s going on on the field.


And from the girls who take stylish game day fashion to the next level, be sure to check out these Southern bloggers participating in a Saints Style round up celebrating how we cheer on our Saints.


  1. My family are all huge football fans! I’m not, but I am a fan of having them all over to watch the game together. I love finding new ideas for what to serve them during the game. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! You have inspired me to use some of them to kick my hospitality up a notch this year!!

  2. I love the idea of team coloured popcorn! My husband is a huge football fan – just recently bought a family set of team t-shirts from old navy. Between those and some of your homegate ideas, we can now throw a great football party. So fun!

  3. Well, I have to admit that up here in Canada, hockey seems bigger than football…and that said…we don’t watch a lot of sports on TV. Given my Catholic blog and all the family crafts I try to do about Catholic Saints, I admit I thought your post might have something to do with Catholic Saints. =) I do admire how you put a party together and your pictures are beautiful and make me want to entertain more…with style! I may have to try the Blackberry Champagne Cocktail!

  4. A girl after my own heart! I love hosting parties, especially game day parties. Here in Kentucky, we have a party for every game (especially basketball, but we’ll cheer on our poor, pitiful football team too…any excuse for a party, right?)

  5. The idea of a Homegate is definitely pretty cool. I’d throw in a little pizza, too! As I saw all the colors while I read, I figured it had to be the Saints or, if it was college, Purdue! 🙂

  6. Hi Aimee!

    What a fun & creative post! I am a HUGE apron fan (I have 6 currently hanging in my kitchen…but there’s always room for another apron, right????) and love yours. That garland might be the cutest one ever!

    Happy football season!

  7. I desperately wish my hubby wasn’t such a party pooper!! I love parties and have a blast hosting them. You’d think he’d be better about ones related to sporting events. Nope. Tried that. Epic fail. He pushes back even with that. I’ve tried to host a few small gathering when he’s traveling out of town for business. But, unfortunately, he’s rarely gone over the weekend and I’m not always up for mid-week festivities. Excellent ideas here! Many could be applied to parties of different themes, too!

  8. A few days ago I was reading about tailgating and commented to the blog owner that I would love to tailgate at home since I’m not a huge football fan. Thank you for giving it a name. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Also, this cocktail will be appearing on my bar really soon. Love it!

  9. While I’m not a football fan, I can think of so many ways to use these ideas and recipes, Aimee. Great details that help to make sure the event planned is a success!
    Thank you.

  10. I will admit that I am sometimes clueless when it comes to football but I think your fun party ideas would make it more enjoyable! My husband likes to watch it though so I am trying to make sense of it so I can watch with him. Now baseball on the other hand I have actually gotten into! 🙂

  11. Love the name of a homegate. I wish we had a home and TV big enough to host these!! Maybe some day *dreaming*. As for the tassel, I love it! I made some for a baby shower and it was super easy and turned out great.

    Myself and two other bloggers are hosting a friday football link up this Friday and I would love for you to link up this post!!


  12. Aimee, I want to lick my computer screen! Your pictures are so beautiful and make me want to run down to my kitchen and whip these recipes up right away. 🙂 I had never heard of a homegate before. I love the concept! And your apron: gorgeous! ~ Bobbi

  13. Great ideas!!! While my husband would love me to go with your Saints theme, there’s no way this die-hard Cowboy could not have blue, white and silver decor for our homegate! The Blackberry Champagne Cocktail looks absolutely scrumptious!!!

  14. Looks like you are a great hostess with some super food ideas. Here in SA the passion is rugby and hubby has invited people over on Sat, I guess I will have to come up with some food too. Oh, and I don’t have much of a clue either about what is going on in the game.
    Oh, and I love your apron.

  15. I love the little pies. I have to try that cocktail this year! Homegating sounds so much better than going to a game when you have a lot of projects going on. Just as fun and a timesaver! Thanks for the ideas!

  16. OMG…I love this…Just one thing I’ll have to change the colors for a Steelers Style Theme…sorry…But this is awesome. I love it very creative, elegant and classy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Amazing photos and I love your blog design! We host college football game-day parties sometimes (go Gators), but they’re nowhere near as stylish as yours–wowza. Thanks for the inspiration. And those pecan tarts have been one of my family favorite holiday cookies forever–everyone should try them–delish! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. I have 3 kids so I throw a lot of parties and play dates, I had never thought of putting snacks in goodie bags, thank you so much for that tip! I also, love your apron. I have a few, just with I would remember them when I was rushing around getting ready!

  19. We are are not super enthusiastic football fans here but I would love to do this. We really like our local college football team and these ideas would be perfect for a home celebration. Thanks for sharing.

  20. That’s definitely more gourmet than the footy parties we have here in Australia. We’re heading towards Grand FInal day, so maybe I should pull out all the stops and use some of your ideas this year. It all looks fantastic!

  21. We’re not sports fans here, but what a lovely post about how to host a party. I love having parties. I love the planning and prepping as much as the actual party. You have some great but simple ideas here.

  22. What a great idea for making football viewing extra special – when family and friends gather to cheer on their team is cause for a celebration. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post – making note of a few things to make our next game day more special.

  23. Fabulous ideas. I live in an apartment, but can see some great ways to do a homegate — apartmentgate — in my place. I’ll definitely be trying your spciy corn dip. Sounds delicious. Go Giants!

  24. Wow! I am so trying the Spicy Corn Dip! My husband is a football fanatic to say the least, so this is right up my alley. I must say your blog is absolutely gorgeous! Your pictures are beautiful. Can’t wait to put these ideas into action and impress my hubby!

  25. Your photos are beautiful and you make it all seem so effortless. I usually attend Superbowl parties at the home of friends but maybe I will have to homegate a party in the near future. Thank you for sharing the information.

  26. This is a really great idea! My family–especially my future sister-in-law–are huge football fans. I had never really thought about throwing a homegate party before. I have been to a few before, but they’re not as stylish as yours sound! I really love this idea and may have to use it sometime in the near future! Also, I absolutely LOVE your apron, it’s so cute!

  27. We don’t have a family football team at my house and we’re complete outsiders as far as who we cheer for (Broncos and Ravens fans in an area dominated by Eagles fans) so I don’t know that I’d have a team themed party at my house. Although for one Eagles/Patriots game we did have Yuengling and Sam Adams.

    This idea definitely classes up a traditional football party. I like it.

  28. What a great way to make a football party more “girly,” for those of us who are not all that into sports. Plus, I think I can make your yummy drink a Ravens drink. 🙂

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