Little Dresses for Africa

I normally don’t devote entire posts to a particular person.

Until now.

And while I’ve mentioned here and there that every ounce of my creativity comes directly from my mama, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and written an entire post about her.

Until now.

Let’s rewind to Fall 2011, shall we?

Still a newlywed, and freshly removed from my former career in Insurance, I invited over a couple of friends along with sewing machines. I, for one, couldn’t sew beyond a straight line.

My mom spent the weekend with us explaining the basics of pattern reading and machine settings.

Pressure foot? What the heck is a pressure foot? Throat plate, who?

We learned lots of things.

And we made reversible aprons.

Holiday Sewing Class

(my mama is to the right of me)

And monogrammed Christmas stockings.

Holiday Sewing Class

When people ask me where my story begins, it’s an easy answer.

That weekend.

When everyone went home and back to their lives and routines I kept sewing and sewing and sewing.

And my mom?

She keeps sewing, sewing, and sewing as well.

But she, on the other hand, isn’t sewing for business.

She’s sewing in the most selfless, most giving ways.

When she spent her most recent break from school (she’s employed with the Grant Parish School System) sewing pillow case dresses for a church project heading to Africa I knew I needed to post her project.

She doesn’t blog.

And I’ve tried to make her a contributor here because y’all, the world needs to see her creativity. But the idea of editing photos and having to explain (in typing form) how she does things just isn’t her speed. She would rather come over to your house, plop down beside your sewing machine, and teach you all the secrets she holds from years of watching Sewing With Nancy..

And when some spend their school breaks reading novels, getting massages, or cleaning closets…..

She sews.

Dresses for Africa Project

She sews little dresses for little girls in Africa.

Little girls who will never have the opportunity to sew alongside her, but get the privilege of wearing something with so much heart and attention to detail that it makes my heart swell.

And that fabric to the right of the crossword puzzle fabric? That’s leftover cocktail napkin fabric from my wedding!

Because let’s face it, my mom had the task of making 150-ish fabric napkins for my reception because I didn’t want my signature cocktails on paper napkins. True story.

It makes me smile that some little girl far, far away will have a small piece of me, too.

For more information about the Little Dresses for Africa Project: Little Dresses for Africa Website

For more information about getting my mom to Baton Rouge during Thanksgiving holidays to make dresses of our own, email me at aimee@aimeebroussard dot com.

I bet we could make it happen.

Make it a great day!


  1. Haha! My mom has told me to watch that Sewing with Nancy show…I never have. I can barely function on my sewing machine, and it’s crazy how many things it can do. I have learned a little. It’s an Ellissimo Gold, WAY over my head. My husband said we could have bought a boat, and he’s right! Now, I need your momma to come to Shreveport so she can show ME how to use it 🙂 I love that she sews dresses and sends them to little girls in Africa. If I could make a dress, I would make it and send to her for the girls. I need a class, STAT!

    1. Oh, girl you need to learn how to use your machine! My mom has a Babylock, too- she could totally show the way. I’m in love with the project, and just as soon as I free up some time am hopping in to participate. The hardest part is sticking to the simplistic look of the dresses- I see my mom bent the rules a little. 🙂

  2. This is beyond cool! The dresses are perfect for those little girls. What a wonderful thing to do! (I also would like to take a sewing class, but can never find any in my area..)

    1. Right?? The project has my heart! I can’t wait to make some dresses of my own- totally feel left out. I wish you were closer, my mom teaches the best classes because she’s used to working with kids all day and has TONS of patience.

  3. WEll I am coming to BR on Friday for a meeting and staying for the game Saturday…maybe I should bring my machine and hang with your mom!! 🙂

    1. That would work….except, she lives in Pineville! Ha ha. We’ll make it happen one day- you NEED to let that machine work some wonders for you!

  4. If she lives in Pineville, and you are from Pineville, I bet you know my husband because his family is from Pineville and he grew up there…not to mention his parents know everyone! LOL.

    1. Oh no! I’m so envious of the project and can’t wait to carve out some time to contribute- I hate watching from the sidelines. I hope you get your machine fixed soon!!!

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