The Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing & some Yo-Yo Fruit Dip

This past weekend I had my FIRST cookbook signing for The Traveling Apron Cookbook.

Monumental, you guys. Sorta like your first kiss.

Well, maybe not THAT monumental but you get what I’m saying.

Nevertheless, it was a really fun time and I thought I’d share a few photos from the night at Haute Niche

Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

Photo taken by Marti from The Bayou Bungalow.

(It’s my new Facebook profile photo, don’t I look legit?? Signing books like I know what I’m doing.)

Before the book was even out I was shopping at Haute Niche minding my own business looking for some additions to the new house. Haute Niche is a little hidden gem in Baton Rouge. It’s a combination of antiques, handmade furniture, reclaimed goods and home decor. The owner, Melissa, is as down to earth as can be and because she’s a full time nurse by day, you can tell that Haute Niche is her passion project and is filled with things she loves. The vendors she includes are hand selected and top notch.

And….they sell Miss Mustard Seed paint.

Which means they also have paint classes.

In case you were wondering if this made for the most perfect location for The Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing…..

Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

Swooning yet?

Anyway, so I’m in there buying some things and we start chatting about nothing and everything. Somehow I mentioned “I wrote a cookbook that’s coming out in a few weeks” and she said something like “oh my goodness, that’s so awesome let’s have a cookbook signing”. And so we did.

But…..it gets better.

Each of her vendors got excited about the cookbook signing, too. So excited in fact that they circulated the cookbook amongst them and each selected a recipe from the book to recreate and have at the signing.

Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

(Dirty Rice, Pasta Salad, Arnold Palmer’s, Baked Beans, Lemon Squares, & Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies)

traveling apron cookbook signing

They even made my mama’s Yo-Yo Fruit Dip.

Yo-Yo Dip, Traveling Apron Cookbook

Yo-Yo Fruit Dip
Recipe Type: Brunch
Author: Traveling Apron Cookbook
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 8-10
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 container (8 ounces) lemon yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • fresh fruit, for serving
  1. Combine the cream cheese, yogurt, and lemon juice and beat at low speed until smooth and creamy. Chill until ready to serve.


How sweet is that?

I mean, really.

They are the most insanely sweet group of ladies I’ve come across in a really long time, and it was so fun to meet them.

I wish, however, I would’ve been focused enough to remember to take a darn picture with all of them.

Next time…..

It was also fun to have my in-laws, Jim and Gail there to be apart of my signing.

Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

(Me, Jim, Aunt Rillian, Gail)

My mother in law is the BIGGEST cheerleader of both mine, and my sister in law Ricci’s children’s books.

Not only did she bring my husband’s Aunt with her, she also brought half her neighborhood.

I joked “did you go door to door advertising?!?” and she just smiled.

Whatever she did I’m undoubtedly grateful and thoroughly enjoyed meeting them all.

It was such a fun night!

Here’s some phone snapshots.

traveling apron cookbook

I worried with it being 2 hours long, I’d sit there and maybe get bored but it was seriously over before I could even grab something to eat! I blinked and it was 8:15pm (it ended at 8) and time to pack up.

Which didn’t happen….because Melissa and I kept chatting about hosting a craft night and doing it all again!

Have I mentioned how much I adore her?

PS: Keep your eyes off that turquoise table that the food is on, I’m currently measuring my foyer for that bad boy.


  1. Looks like your first book signing was a success in all aspects..How exciting! Yes, I have to agree with u about how we BOTH have the biggest cheerleaders for our books. 🙂 Hoping that I’ll be able to make one of your future signings…looking forward to that.
    Happy and excited for u at the same time! Such a goose bump feeling to walk in a store and see what you’ve created on the shelf for everyone to see and enjoy. So glad that is something we can say we’ve both experienced. Love ya sister-in-law!

  2. This is such a great story! How sweet that everyone made a recipe, that is so cool. Congratulations on your successful signing! 🙂

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