Welcome to Louisiana (New Neighbor Gift)

It all started last weekend when I was at the cutest kitchen shop in Savannah, GA- Kitchens on the Square.

I spotted a Louisiana shaped cookie cutter and needed it in my life even though I had no idea that I would actually make Louisiana shaped cookies. I mean I like my state and all, but come on.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this photo.

 So I had the cute little cutter without any real purpose until……

I learned the new family who moved in two houses down, did so from Texas.

I remember how I felt when entering a new neighborhood, and how much it meant to have fresh bread brought over so I wanted to do something similar for these folks.

So I thought, I’ll make them some Louisiana cookies with my Louisiana cookie cutter !

 I added some Tabasco sauce to give the gift some spice.

Did you know that the McIlhenny Co, makers of the renowned Tabasco sauce is located on Avery Island, right here in Louisiana?

I’m an affiliate for them, and will be sharing a tour of how the secret sauce is made in a few weeks.

Tabasco Company


The tutorial for the lacy burlap runner can be found here:  Lacy Burlap Runner How To.

They got one of those too.

I posted a picture of the cookie yesterday, and within 10 minutes I received the most fabulous file in my inbox from Magnolia Creative Co.

It is EXACTLY what my gift needed to tie it all together.


 Add some cellophane and raffia, tie it all together and voila!

A sweet little Welcome to Louisiana gift for the new neighbor’s door step.

Do you gift your new neighbors? If so, what do you give?


  1. That is TOO cute! What a lucky family to have you as their neighbor! Also, super jealous of your status as a Tobasco affiliate. I am a self-proclaimed (and otherwise) hot sauce addict! Can’t wait for the tour! I’d also love to know your recipe for that cookie icing – those are too perfect!


  2. Hi Aimee!! Could you share the recipe you used to make the Louisiana shaped cookie in your photo? I saw a cookie made with a similar cutter on another blog and the cookie looked to be a regular sugar cookie and had baked into a barely recognizable Louisiana shape. .in fact, if I hadn’t known from the caption it WAS a Louisiana shaped cookie, I may not have known. .

    1. Hi Melinda! I’m thinking since I didn’t share the recipe that I might’ve used store bought sugar cookie dough. When I do that, I mold it into a ball, flour the surface just as if you were dealing with homemade dough, roll it out, and use the cutters. I’ve seen the cookies that puff up so much that it doesn’t resemble the shape, and sometimes when that happens to me, I recut the shape while the cookies are still a bit warm and clean up the edges. 🙂

        1. I totally cheat! I buy the royal icing powder/mix and just go really slowly, making sure not to get too close to the edges. 🙂

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