White Chocolate Nestle Toll House Morsels Cake


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White Chocolate Morsel Cake

Let’s briefly chat about life real quick, shall we? Just for a quick second before we get to chatting about my baking adventures and the White Chocolate Nestle Toll House Morsels Cake.

We moved over the weekend.


Except…..not really.

Anyone who has moved before knows that it is a royal pain in the rear end. But yet we forget that fact in between moves.

Basically we moved all the “pretty” things to the new house and are still working on what to do with all the stuff left behind and unpacked in the old house.


Everywhere you look, there are boxes.

And then…..

My kitchen tile backsplash had to be replaced.

RIPPED out and realigned.

Y’all. Never ever be present when they rip out your tile in a house you just built.

Just trust me on this one.

Don’t do it. Go far, far away from the crime scene.

And then….

During a routine website “refresher”, my design girl deleted the files to my landing page.

Vanished. Gone. Adios. Finito.

We were able to restore the site and get it back,  but there is all sorts of stuff missing. Posts are gone.

I wanted to cry but I decided to be more productive instead.

Now that my kitchen tile is back in a beautiful state of subway, I’ve determined that the kitchen shall be my “safe” zone.

No overflow boxes.

No mess.

No drama.

I’m just hiding its boxes in other rooms and making myself feel like it’s in an orderly state.

Therefore, I decided on this monumental first week in our new house occasion, to bake.

Now, don’t go getting your hopes up.

There’s not one thing that’s homemade about it.

But, in a whirlwind of chaos, this 30 minute White Chocolate Morsels Cake is just the ticket to wash away all those other cares.

And, if you’re in a pickle as to what to make for mom this weekend?

Here ya go.

white chocolate 2

30 minutes?

There’s no way you say!

Oh yes, yes indeed. 30 minutes stands between you and this little lovely.

First, march yourself down to the Wal-Mart  and purchase some supplies.

You’ll notice that Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet morsels is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Go ahead and fill your buggy up with some of that goodness because if there’s a reason to celebrate, it’s the combination of moving into a new home & Nestle Toll House having a birthday.

nestle toll house 75th anniversary

(why yes, yes I did stand up all the bags so everyone would notice the 75th anniversary packaging).

I also purchased the chocolate mini morsels to go inside my store bought cake mix as well as the white chocolate morsels.

You know, just to make me feel like I was being semi-homemade.

Then I baked up 3 8″ round cakes.

Ever wonder how people’s stacked cakes are always so even?

A leveler.

Use it and remove the top part of the cake that tends to dome.

white chocolate 4

Stack em.

White Chocolate Cake

I forgot to take a picture of the icing in between each layer, but go ahead and do that.

Then, frost the whole darn thing.

Don’t worry about being neat with the frosting, it’s just acting as your glue and will be covered up.

white chocolate cake

Now it’s time to decorate.

I elected to go round and round my cake with the white chocolate Kit Kat bars.

white chocolate cake

And now?

Dump those Nestle Toll House White Chocolate Morsels on top that bad boy.

Dump, dump, dump.

And eat a few as you go.

You know, so that they’re not all lumpy on your cake.

white chocolate cake

Adhere some ribbon around the sides to 1. make it look pretty and spring like, and 2. keep those Kit Kat bars in place.

White Chocolate Morsel Cake

You can gift it for Mother’s Day, or you can simply sit back and stare at it and congratulate yourself for figuring out the new oven and making your first cake in your new home!

Got a favorite recipe using Nestle Toll House of your own? Then you should hop over and submit it to the Flavorful Moments site. You might spot my cake.

PS: I wrapped my cake in my new kitchen accent colors! Yellow & Green. Can’t wait to show you more soon.

PPS: The winner of the Wayfair $100 gift card is Amanda Sakovitz!


  1. I LOVE white chocolate – and I dislike moving! Every time we move (were on a roll at every 20 months) I unpack the kitchen very first. It’s an absolute must. 🙂

    1. Good to know! I was thinking I was weird for wanting the kitchen clean while unpacking, but I can’t concentrate with stuff all over countertops. Drives me bonkers!!!!

  2. We have been living in our current home for 18 years! I don’t even want to think about ever moving! Good luck with your unpacking and reorganizing! This cake is so pretty! Its a giant bonus that it is both so impressive and so easy!

    1. Hi Wendy! 18 years is impressive, but I agree, don’t you ever ever move! We found so many hidden “treasures” way, way, way in the back of cabinet/attic/closets! And yes, I’m all about easy and impressive. ENJOY!

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