Teen Back to School Gift Basket

It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone, but as it does each year with the passing of summer comes the arrival of Fall….and the reality that the kiddos will be heading back to school within the next few weeks. I can hear the mamas singing happily, the middle & high schoolers grumbling and the little ones jumping with glee! To help ease Brian’s niece and godchild into her first year of high school, I put together this teen back to school gift basket.

Sadie Robertson Live Original Gift Basket

Private schools in New Orleans function a little differently than they do in other areas of the state, and although she’s actually only entering the 8th grade, it’s lumped together with the high school. She’s been at the same school for kindergarten thru seventh and rather than going to a junior high school at any point, she will enter eighth grade at the high school. Another big change will be going from a school with boys and girls to an all girls school and atmosphere.

I can’t even imagine the apprehension she must be feeling. It’s been a while, but I remember what high school was like. Girls today have it so much worse than I did back in the day. Body image issues, peer pressure and oh my gosh, let’s don’t even mention the competition that comes social media. I say all the time that I’m so glad I’m not a teen today.

When I spotted the new inspirational line from Dayspring featuring Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson at Hobby Lobby referred to as “Live Original”, I knew I needed to scoop up a few items to send her way as she starts this new unfamiliar journey.

Back to School Monogrammed Notebook

Living in Louisiana, the Robertson’s are household names but if you’re not familiar with the show, Sadie is the 17 year old star who also competed (and came in 2nd place) on Dancing with the Stars. Encouraging and inspiring, her new collection features notebooks, binders, journals, greeting cards and much more. Each item features words of encouragement such as “There’s No One on Earth Like You”, “Being Kind Makes You Feel Happy” and my personal favorite (and what I purchased for myself & our niece), “Let Your Smile Change The World”.

Sadie Robertson Scripture Cards

Accompanied with a monogrammed notebook and some other small gifts, I chose a Sadie Robertson journal and the scripture shareables card set.

Sadie Robertson Live Original Scripture Cards

I just love the card set so much!

The set includes 32 cards in a carrying case, and I think I love it because it encourages sharing a card with someone else who might need a little encouragement when they’re feeling anxious or apprehensive…or just having a bad day. Exams, try-outs, cliques, remembering your locker combination for crying out loud! So many reasons to need something a little bit encouraging to get you through those trying times. I also choose the journal because while it certainly can be used as a journal, it can also double as a sketch book for our girl who is passionate about art- and super talented, too.

I used one of the scripture shareables card to attach to the notebook in lieu of any sort of favor tag.

Sadie Robertson Live Original Scripture Cards

I also grabbed myself a journal, too. I’ll be using mine to jot down notes during meetings, take along to conferences, etc. Had my Hobby Lobby had each of the quotes in stock, I probably would’ve purchased one of each. I did, however, order the Being Kind Makes You Feel Happy online- had to have it and what an incredible reminder.

Do you have someone heading back to school that could use a bit of encouragement? I highly recommend checking out the Sadie Robertson products.

You can find the Live Original website here. I’m also including the DaySpring website here where you’ll find the complete collection of Sadie’s products and opportunity to order online.  Take a peek!

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