Fun & Festive Team Elf Children’s Christmas Table

I am so excited to share with you my Team Elf Children’s Christmas Table styled exclusively for inRegister magazine. Scroll along and see how easy it is to create a Fun & Festive Team Elf Children’s Christmas Table of your own.

Team Elf Children's Christmas Table

Last month, inRegister asked area “style makers” to design a holiday tablescape. To keep things diverse and interesting, we were each tasked with a specific category; glamour, traditional, inventive and creative. I was asked to design a creative children’s table, and y’all, I had no idea how much fun I’d have with this thing! I’d hardly call myself a “style maker”, but a kiddie table? I jumped on the opportunity.

I went with a Team Elf theme for my kiddie table and vowed to make it so gosh darn cute that children and adults alike would want to sit at it.

Let’s start with those handmade table leg covers, shall we?

Team Elf Children's Christmas Table Leg Covers

I had seen the elf legs on Pinterest for purchase, but thought, why buy something that could easily be made? How hard can it be to make them?

Turns out, it’s a piece of cake!

You’ll simply need:

Striped fabric

red, green felt

white pom poms

Simply sew a tube the width and length of your table leg, put it on like a sock, and secure with a rubberband.

Free hand an elf shoe onto a piece of card stock and cut out your elf feet, 2 per table leg. Sew on the red details and hand stitch the pom poms. Place 2 elf shoes together and sew the outer edges closed. Easy peasey.

Monogramed mini stockings that hold utensils and perform as reusable favors?

Team Elf Children's Christmas Table Monogrammed Stockings

Sign me right up!

Team Elf Children's Christmas Table Monogrammed Stockings

Found in the Target Dollar Spot, those mini stockings easily become personalized (and reusable) favors AND serve double duty as utensil holders.

Team Elf Children's Christmas Table

And last but not least, plain rice krispie treats get all dressed up by drizzling red and green candy melts and adorned with festive toothpicks and ribbon.

Team Elf Children's Christmas Table

 Long gone are the days when kids get stuck at the kiddie table, usually a card table with maybe a colored plastic tablecloth. Spend an afternoon crafting with your little one in anticipation of the big day and I’m nearly positive your guests will be fighting over who gets to sit at the little people’s table.

Probably my favorite quote from the article:

“When planning a table for little ones, it’s important to remember what Christmas is like through the eyes of a child,” says Broussard. “Everything is magical. And a table created just for them proves that it really is the best day ever.”

Does your family have a designated table for the kids?