Spooky Dinner Party

Grab a seat and let’s chat about Halloween decor that doesn’t have to be so, well, Halloween along with how I recently decorated for a Spooky Dinner Party.

spooky halloween dinner party

I think when you’re having guests over for dinner and there’s an impending holiday, whether official or not, you’re tempted to decorate for said “holiday” regardless if you’re hosting it on the actual date. For example, Valentine’s Day. Let’s say you’re having a get together the week before, whether you realize it or not, you’re probably going to gravitate toward decorating with reds and pinks. The same is true with Halloween. No matter how hard I tried, I kept reaching for the spider webs.

I’m not a huge fan of purchasing themed decor- you know, like ceramic serving dishes with the words BOO! on them. While cute and always a challenge to pass up, I like adding in some subtle touches but using things I already have or dishes I will be able to use again- outside of the said occasion.

For my Spooky Dinner Party, I sort of went vintage. I’m obsessed with antique glass. It all started when I traveled the state in search for multi size milk bottles for my wedding rehearsal dinner flower arrangements. But not just “any” milk bottle though. They had to be embossed, and if they said something really unique like “Colorado Dairy Farm” with the city and state included I was all over it. I probably have about 20-25 of them.

spooky halloween dinner party

Recently I’ve  decided I didn’t just want milk bottles, but I wanted embossed liquor type bottles to use as candle holders for taper candles.

What I like the most about old glass is that it’s more than just putting a candle in an old wine bottle. If you can locate the right kind of bottles then it not only creates a centerpiece but also a conversation piece.

My favorite is a Dunbars Molasses & Syrup Co. bottle because it also has New Orleans embossed on it.

spooky halloween dinner party

My second favorite is this Garrett & Co. Virginia Pare Wine bottle from New York seen above. Established in 1835 you talk about fancy for its time & place!

The goal is get to 20 bottles so that the next time I use them as table decor they’ll be a bit more impressive, but it works for now.

I debated adding black colored water to the bottles but didn’t want to take away from the appeal of the glass. However, I think might add red and play with it a bit for the Christmas holidays.

spooky halloween dinner party

Continuing with the black & white vibe, I also kept my cupcakes looking a bit classy too. Just chocolate cupcakes with almond butter cream frosting adorned with some spiders. Because, you know….Halloween spiders. Why not?

I also ordered this Voodoo Bones Half Apron because once I saw it I knew that it would go well with my very subtle black & white Spooky Dinner Party.

spooky halloween dinner party

And while I could’ve made an apron myself, this one was incredibly well made and of super cute fabric. No point in wasting time on sewing when Wayfair has just about anything you might need already made for you.

This post was sponsored on behalf of Wayfair in conjunction with my participation in the Wayfair Homemakers Program. All opinions are my own. 

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