And Murphy Makes Three!

Last week, I picked up “Floyd” as the newest temporary member of the Broussard clan.

Floyd was a rescue pup, just as Dennis was and through the same organization.

Murphy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Everything told me to say no, that the timing was wrong and that I was unavailable to foster at the moment.

It was the husband’s birthday week. It was a week of approximately 5,000 deadlines that were coming due. It was the week of one of the only home games I planned on attending. It was the week I was hosting the Cookoff Before Kickoff crew in my home (more on that later).

It was the week that everything was leading me to simply say no.

But the desperation in the leader of the organization’s voice was something that I just didn’t have it in my heart to ignore. They were in the process of rescuing multiple dogs from a backyard breeder and another handful from some freakazoid Amish puppy mill. With more dogs than foster families I said yes.

Murphy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Yes to providing him a safe home, a cozy bed, and the promise of daily meals.

Yes to promising him that he would no longer be forced to be a reproduction machine.

Yes to showing him that he is one of God’s creations and deserving of compassion and affection.

Yes to teaching him that the same human race who mistreated him, was also capable of adoring him.

And despite my selfishness of what I may or may not have had going on last week; yes.

I said yes.

He came to us frightened, shaking, and barely willing to leave the safety of his crate.

His hair had to be cut to remove the fleas and matting that happens over 17 months of neglect. His ears infected and in need of treatment. And of course, that same manhood that was used for human profit needed to be removed.

And despite everything this little guy has been through, in no more than a week’s time he has begun to show the resilience and companionship that the Cavalier breed is known for. He has learned to snuggle. He has learned that a cozy home and a soft bed to rest his head is so much better than a life spent  in a backyard….and boy is he savoring it. He has learned what treats are and approves.

Murphy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

He hasn’t come without issues but if there were ever a boy who wanted to please, it’s this little guy.

This morning, a week after I brought him into my home I sat down to write his bio and take his photos for him to be placed online for adoption.

Without warning, I broke into tears with uncontrollable sobbing with fingers unable to hit the send button.

I saved the email in my draft folder and gave myself some time to think. I even asked for an extension in posting his information until Friday.

Can we handle a 3rd dog?

Are we crazy for considering a 3rd dog?

If Stella & Milo could speak, what would they say? And how will this affect them?

I looked into Floyd’s gorgeous eyes and I knew. I knew exactly why my eyes were flooding with tears and my fingers paralyzed from emailing his bio.

I watched Stella & Milo choose to sleep next to his crate while he slept and I knew their decision, too.

I knew that he belonged with us.

Murphy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

“You mean I get to stay here FUR-ever????”

And so we scheduled his adoption and renamed him Murphy rather than calling him Floyd because let’s face it, Floyd? No.

He’s a tiny 19 pounder so we named him Murphy and call him Murph….Murph the Smurf.

And just like that, Murphy makes three!

The three amigos- Stella, Milo & Murph

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

And honestly, we probably are a little crazy.

But I’d rather be crazy with too big of a heart than no heart at all.

dogs are a girl's best friend

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    1. Oh, Susan you need another one! If it were any other breed I probably wouldn’t have 3, but with Cavaliers you barely even notice any extra one around. Murphy is soooooo sweet! We’re in love!

    1. After reading this post, I now understand why my two daughters love you!
      Your heart & soul shines bright Miss Aimee.

      Thank you for such a wonderful start to my day.

      Best of luck to all five of you!

      Sandy Regli (Mom to Kelly & Jenna Edmiston)

      1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for such a sweet comment. You have made MY morning!!!!

        It’s really less about me and more to do with the Cavalier breed. They just have a way of tugging on your heartstrings and making it impossible not to fall in love with them. I hope one comes along that will be perfect for you!!! Thank you again for your kind comment!!!

        1. I sent an email this morning about Flower and Lola , so am hoping to hear back soon!
          Flower looks just like Murphy! Just Darling:)

    2. He seriously has human eyes. Not even kidding with how gorgeous they are! They’re what did me in. 🙂
      Hope you are doing well!!!!

  1. So happy he has found the love and kindness he deserves! Isn’t it crazy how they come into your lives? Little soulmates. Enjoy your new addition!

    1. Really crazy! We had no intentions of adding a 3rd dog but to be honest, I’ve always been smitten with tricolors and he was just so gosh darn sweet I just couldn’t let him go. Those eyes….oh my goodness, he got me with those eyes!!!

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