Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron

Ya’ll, it’s  finally ready to go!

This fun little idea I had of creating a community around a frilly little vintage-ish eyelet apron, and the most scrumptious recipes you’ve got.

Graphic: Designs by Nicolina

I’m providing the apron, a recipe binder, and I’m even including some matching recipe cards!

Ever seen the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

This will work the same way!

Let’s take a moment and marvel at the apron shall we?

Why yes, you’ll get a flower pin to play with too.

That’s linen and eyelet lace, ladies.

You excited as I am?

I’ll send the first person on the list a box full of “traveling goodies”.

Along with the apron and recipe binder, I’ll send two copies of my 3 favorite recipes.

One set goes into the binder for everyone to enjoy.

One set is for my person to keep.

My person will then have 2 weeks to twirl in the apron, perfect her recipes, and then send the traveling box on its way.

She will also choose 1 of the 3 recipes that is her absolute favorite, and email me a copy to be featured here on the blog.

That’s right. I’m going to make everything you ladies are dishing out, so make it yummy!

Be creative!

If you live in the South, include Southern recipes.

Live in the North? Include something us Southerners may have never tried.

Got a favorite family recipe? I’d love for you to share it!

Once the signup has ended, everyone will receive from me your expected date to receive your box, your travel buddy (who you’ll send your box to), and the downloadable file for the recipe cards.

Got fancy recipe cards of your own? Use them and show off!

Now, you’re probably thinking this is great and all but what if I don’t want to part with the apron? What a tease Aimee is!

Or, I was first on the list so there weren’t many recipes for me to benefit from.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron participants will have the ability of purchasing their very own traveling apron for half price (details coming soon) as a special thank you for playing along.

And, even better…..Once the binder returns to me safe and sound, I’ll be compiling ALL the participant recipes and sending each & every one an individual copy.

That’s right- Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron, A Collection of Recipes- Volume One will be in e-book form.


You’re gonna be famous, honey.

Ok, well maybe just to me. But seriously FAMOUS!

As fun as all this sounds, please, please, please do not sign up if you feel that you cannot fulfill the obligations set forth.

You will need to share recipes.

You will need to email me one recipe.

You will need to mail the box to your partner in a timely fashion.

If you drop the ball on mailing the traveling goodies, you’ll let your partner down.

You’ll let me down.

Doggone it, you’ll let the entire Sisterhood down.

So be a good sister.

Sign up here:


******UPDATE: Volume One of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron filled more quickly than expected. Even with TWO aprons traveling, volume one is COMPLETELY FILLED.  Thanks so much for your interest! *********



The first Sisterhood is limited to residents of the United States only.

I’ll accept signups through the weekend, and will remove the form on Monday, June 3rd.

If for some reason a zillion people sign up and we extend beyond 2013 traveling, I’ll implement a waiting list.

The goal is to have the binder back to me by New Year’s.

Welcome to the Sisterhood, it’s nice to have you here!


    1. Thank you, Shawnee! I hope you’ll be able to participate in the next one, I think it’s going to be such fun to see it travel all over the place!

  1. This is so cute – I can’t wait to participate! Glad you came up with a plan for those of us who may or may not be tempted to keep the apron when our turn comes around. 😉


  2. Do you have another apron project going on if so I’m interested let me know how I could sign up great idea

    1. Hi Angela! We’ll be starting another swap (US only this time as we lost our last swap in Germany- boo!) soon. I’ll keep you posted!! Thank you for your interest. The swap is super fun!

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