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Hi, friends!

I wanted to update you really quickly about some new and exciting things that will be coming to the blog. Recently, I was selected to join the 2015 Silhouette Creative Team. If you’re unfamiliar with the Silhouette, it’s the ultimate DIY machine allowing you to cut. create, and design just about anything your heart desires.

Silhouette Creative Team

I’ve had my machine for longer than I’d like to admit and have always been amazed at the projects that the creative team dreams up. I applied merely as motivation to force me to get creative, too thinking “if they choose me, I’ll HAVE to dust off my machine”.

Shocked, grateful, and downright excited that they decided to take a chance on me and add me to team of extraordinary crafters!

They even gave me my own page on their site.

Silhouette Creative Team Bio

Actually, they gave everyone a page so if you get some spare time be sure to check out the rest of the ladies joining the team. Some are back for more fun this year, and some are new… me!

Things really won’t change around here except that I’ll be adding more content. Hooray! And don’t worry if you don’t have a machine, or have no desire to own one.  I won’t be turning into a sales-y blog and will try to offer alternatives if you don’t have a machine. And there’s always the option to just skip right over the crafty posts. 🙂

My first project is this Kitchen Cutting Board Sign.

Kitchen Cutting Board Sign

With the impending wedding season among us, I wanted to create an inexpensive gift option that I could make a couple of and stash away for all times when you need something quick- showers, weddings, hostess gifts. These would be really special with the recipients’ name on them, i.e. The Broussard Kitchen but I specifically wanted something generic and let’s face it- everyone has a kitchen.

Combine your cutting board sign with a gift card or some kitchen essentials and you’re ready to go in a snap!

For details on how I made it, check out my post on the Silhouette Blog..

And a huge THANK YOU for sticking around and the support you provide as I try new things and continue push my creativity.

I hope I won’t bore you to tears.

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  1. Yay! Congrats. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’m not a crafty person, but I aspire to be, so I’m excited to see some new inspiration. (Plus, those machines are fascinating in what they can do!)

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