Halloween Bar Cart

The Halloween Bar Cart idea came from being asked last week to contribute something Halloween appropriate for this week’s email subscribers for inRegister magazine, our local print magazine for the Baton Rouge area.

Halloween Bar Cart

Each month, I contribute recipes for my column, Aimee’s Pretty Palate, but because I work so far ahead, it’s always fun to include things in the newsletter that are a bit more in the moment.

And of course, with Halloween happening next week, it’s safe to say we’re in the spooky moment.

I tend to stick with classic Fall decor rather than spooky, but made an exception this year with my skeleton and her matching dog friends. I have followed a lady on Instagram forever who dresses up her skeleton, named Mary Margaret, and for years I’ve wanted to put a bow on a skeleton of my own.

I don’t know how I feel about the creepy dog skeletons but tried my hardest to venture into spooky territory this year.

Halloween Bar Cart Pumpkin Cheeseball

The Bacon Pecan Cheeseball Pumpkin recipe can be found here.

Halloween Bar Cart

A bar cart isn’t complete without a cocktail so I whipped together a Not So Scary Satsuma Cocktail.

The Satsuma flavored rum is perfect for color coordinating your festivities.


And if you read my latest Instagram post, you’ll know that I don’t always participate in the Halloween festivities, despite my retiree neighbors dressing up like Smurfs and skipping through the hood…or the family that offers hayrides. Sometimes, I just hide in the house with the lights off. With my dogs.

Don’t hate me.

But if I do participate, then participate I do!