Chocolate Covered Pistachio Pound Cake

Your favorite snack turned pound cake in this Chocolate Covered Pistachio Pound Cake recipe.

Want to skip my chatter and head straight to the recipe? You’ll find here on the Dixie Crystals site.

Chocolate Covered Pistachio Pound Cake

Around this time last year, I attended the PMA (Produce Marketing Association) conference in New Orleans. It was insane and overwhelming the amount of produce vendors representing all corners of the world. Seriously, world. Avocados from Mexico? There. Dragon fruit from Chile? Also, there.

I met with a pistachio farm while there with the most delicious chocolate covered pistachios. I’ve been a fan ever since.

When making this from scratch Chocolate Covered Pistachio Pound Cake, I could’ve simply chopped those chocolate dipped pistachios for my crust, but I was worried it wouldn’t have as strong a chocolate presence as I wanted.

Chocolate Covered Pistachio Pound Cake

Also, most of the pistachio pound cake recipes you’ll find use pistachio pudding. I skipped that, too. Something about the green color bugs me. I’m the same way with pistachio pudding salad and that’s not nearly as….green.

Anyway, you’ll find a from scratch pistachio pound cake recipe, coated with chocolate ganache and then topped with roasted pistachios on the Dixie Crystals website. It is seriously how you’ll want to start every Monday from here until eternity.

Not too sweet. A bit nutty. A bit chocolately. Insanely delicious.

It’s amazing what a bit of time baking on the weekend means for kick-starting your week on a high note.

Hope your week is equally delicious!