Caramel Apple Tart Recipe

Created with a made-from-scratch crust and juicy, crisp Granny Smith apples, this Caramel Apple Tart Recipe packs all the spicy flavors of fall while making for an elegant presentation with its freestanding crust. 

And I get it, if you’re just here for the recipe then skip on over to the Dixie Crystals here: Caramel Apple Tart.

Caramel Apple Tart Recipe

But if you have a bit more time and want to chat all things false bottom tart pans and why you need to make this tart this holiday season, then stick around! No promises that you won’t want to try to lick your screen, however. 

Caramel Apple Tart Recipe

Every month I contribute a recipe to the Dixie Crystals website. I include it here as well so that I can share more about why I chose the recipe. Some people like that, and some people just go straight over there for the recipe and get upset that I don’t post it here. 

In the case of the Caramel Apple Tart, I need to share about the baking pan in which it was baked….and I cannot do that over there. 

Caramel Apple Tart Recipe

And honestly, you may not even care about my thoughts on your need for a false bottom tart pan that will allow you to bake THE most impressive Caramel Apple Tart. But I’m telling you, that freestanding crust elevates any ole recipe you put inside that pan. 

Caramel Apple Tart Recipe

The pan gets its name because you will remove the center of the bottom of the pan and then gently raise the tart out of the pan like magic. I found a set of 3 on Amazon and the one used for this recipe is the 10inch. Not too small, not too big….just perfect.

And so is this Caramel Apple Tart. It’s ooey. It’s gooey. It’s everything you love about apple pie combined with everything you love about caramel apples. It’s deliciousness defined. 

Top it with a mini scoop of ice cream and some additional caramel sauce for a treat sure to win over the pickiest of guests. 

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