Cafe au Lait + Seattle’s Best Coffee!

When I was a little girl, I would tag along with my grandmother on her trips to visit my great grandmother’s farm in Mermentau, Louisiana.

To a wee little one, her home reminded me of a Southern Plantation.

It was sprawling with large white columns and wrap around porches, and rice fields as long as the eye could see.

She would take me alongside her to feed the animals, then retire inside where we would have “coffee milk” with the most scrumptious homemade Southern style biscuits.

She would instruct me to lightly dip the biscuit into the coffee, then savor the sweetness of the coffee concoction.

I felt so very grown up drinking this beverage reserved for the adults.

cafe au lait chalkboard tag

What I later learned was that she was actually giving me a really condensed, sweeter version of Cafe Au Lait .

Cafe Au Lait (in my household) is made with equal parts coffee and milk, with added sugar until it’s sweet like my great grandmother’s memories.

Because it is hot, hot, hot lately I’ve had less and less hot coffee in exchange for ones over ice.

Cafe Au Lait Coffee

 When Seattle’s Best sent me a set of their highly buzzed about coffee, I took it upon myself to have quite the little coffee date.

I scooped up a box of Cafe Du Monde Beignet mix.

Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix


I just wanted to try them with the coffee. You know, see how the coffee held up.

Cafe Du Monde Beignets

But when I paired it with the Cafe Au Lait made with the  Seattle’s Best Level 4, it was just more than I could handle.

Cafe Au Lait + Beignets

I fell right off that diet wagon.



Lucky for you, Seattle’s Best wants to send you my same goodie box of coffee!

In it you will receive:

* One-month supply of Seattle’s Best Coffee® (4 bags!)

* Seattle’s Best Coffee Tumbler for your iced and frozen coffee drinks

* Seattle’s Best Coffee Hot Travel Mug to enjoy our brewed coffee on-the-go

* Melitta coffee brewer and recipe for a totally new way to make a single cup of coffee

* Simple Iced Coffee recipe featuring our go-to cold brew method

* Coffee scoop to measure the perfect amount of coffee

And because I feel guilty for dangling beignets in your face, I’m going to mail the winner a box of Cafe Du Monde Beignet mix to go with your coffee!!

You know the drill, just click, tweet and share away.

And if you just can’t wait to try some Seattle’s Best, head over to their Facebook page and download a $1 off coupon.

Everyone wins!

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  1. My all time favorite is hazelnut latte 🙂 YUM!

  2. I love flavored lattes. I had a red velvet cake latte yesterday that was heavenly.

  3. These look amazing, Aimee! And just made me CRAVE some beignets. I try to behave myself usually and take my coffee black, but when I’m misbehaving, I love a vanilla latte!

    Coffee clinks!

  4. My coffee memories as a child involve Coffee Call but not where it is now but the original one was where Wal-Mart now stands.

  5. Ok now I’m craving the beignets with the cafe au lait! 🙂 and how cute is your handwriting on those tags? 🙂 My favorite flavored coffee is always hazelnut! 🙂

  6. I am not a big coffee drinker; I worked at Starbucks for 5 years and before that, the only thing I knew about coffee was how to spell it. I appreciate quality coffee, just like a fine wine, but as far as flavored coffees go–I’d have to go with blueberry. Ethiopian Yergacheffe has a naturally occurring blueberry flavor, but some additional flavoring never hurt anyone!

  7. I don’t hardly ever drink coffee(if they ever made one that tasted like Dr. Pepper I might!) but I love the smell of it brewing. My twenty year old college son LOVES trying different kinds and he brought home some Snickers flavored that is made in a small sandwich shop in Ruston, La. It smells AWESOMe! I might even try some!!

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