The Traveling Apron Recipe Swap III

Howdy, folks!

It’s time for a little Traveling Apron update.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, that I unfortunately am notorious for not sending out very regularly, you already know that we are getting ready to embark on the 3rd annual (sorta annual, anyway) Traveling Apron Recipe Swap.

Traveling Apron Recipe Swap Apron

If you were wanting to participate in the swap and don’t subscribe you’re in luck. Initially, I opened the 3rd swap to newsletter subscribers only but there are still a few spots left. And when I say few, we’re talking 5 spots.

This third swap will begin its journey in Germany. Originally only traveling in the states this will be the first time the apron will travel overseas.  Due to shipping costs and time constraints, this 3rd swap will only be traveling in the US and Germany only. So, hey friends stationed in Germany we’re happy to have you onboard!!

I will incur the cost to get it to Germany so no worries if you’re in the US-you won’t be matched with someone overseas. Once it returns to the US, it will stay in the US.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

If you would like to participate in the Traveling Apron Recipe Swap, you’ll need to sign up here: (no longer accepting entries)

Here’s how it works:

You will receive in the mail, the official Traveling Apron Recipe Swap binder, blank recipe cards and the  handmade eyelet lace apron. You will add a couple of your favorite recipes to the binder using either the provided recipe cards, or your own, and send the contents on to the next recipient. You MUST agree to ship the Traveling Apron Recipe Swap contents in a timely manner (one week to contribute your recipes and twirl around in the apron, one week to ship for a combined total of no more than 2 weeks with you) and you MUST agree to ship the contents in a priority rate medium sized box (approximate cost is $12) so it is able to be tracked and it keeps the cost consistent.

The Traveling Apron Recipe Swap

You’ll also email me one of the recipes to be featured here on the blog.

What’s in it for you?

The most special part of the swap, is merely being part of the swap. Flipping through a binder of stranger’s favorite recipes is somewhat very fascinating. You can also follow the journey on Instagram with the hashtag #travelingapron and see where the apron is landing and the ladies participating. Recipe swap I and II was turned into what is now The Traveling Apron Cookbook and while there’s no guarantee we’ll have a follow up cookbook, I will be featuring your recipes and compiling all of the recipes into an e-book that will be provided for all of the swap participants.

And lastly, it’s just fun! Each time I start thinking it’s time to hang up the apron from her travels, you guys email me wanting to know when she’s traveling and how you can participate…so for you, I’m going to keep her suitcase (shipping box) packed and her on the road. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing what you ladies eat, and the stories behind why you choose the recipes you choose.

Any questions, be sure to send me an email.

She heads to Germany just as soon as we get our final 5 participants so you don’t have a lot of time. She will travel AN ENTIRE YEAR, so if you miss this swap- you’ll have to wait for swap IV.

Happy Swappin’!


    1. Hi Stephanie! We had a bit of a snafu when we sent the apron overseas to Germany but have plans to begin another swap, soon! I’ll add you to the email list for the swap. 🙂

  1. I would love to be part of the traveling apron. I absolutely love to cook and bake and always try new recipes. My family always has new dishes to try weekly.

    1. Hi, Nancy! New weekly recipes?! I love it! I’d love to have you join us on the apron swap. We had a bit of a snafu with a lost apron when we tried to send it overseas, but have plans to start up another US swap soon! I’ll add you to the email list just for the apron swap. 🙂

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