Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade + Summer Breakfast in a Basket

This Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade post is sponsored by Newell Brands, makers of Ball® Home Canning products; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Treat your neighbor or celebrate a friend’s upcoming birthday with this Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade + Summer Breakfast in a Basket gifting idea that is sure to dazzle and delight their taste buds.

Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade

Some twenty years ago, I stood before a panel of judges slathering homemade jelly onto freshly delivered biscuits from Popeye’s wearing an apron with a giant heart on it. I was competing in a state 4-H competition, under the Horticulture Use category and the three of us, my mom, my county agent and myself were bound and determined to win. Not only was my jelly worthy of bringing home the title, but my apron matched my tablecloth and my tablecloth matched my jar toppers.

Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade Recipe

All that preparation would pay off, too! From that moment on, I’d forever be known as the state jelly-making champion whose presentation coordinated perfectly and whose addition of warm biscuits and freshly opened jar of jelly sealed the deal.

What has stuck with me, after all this time, was the first couple of lines from my presentation:

“There’s something special about making your own jelly,

Something that just can’t be found in store-bought jelly.

Maybe it’s the satisfaction of preparing the jelly yourself, or perhaps it’s the sense of pride and accomplishment as you gift the delicious jelly to family and friends.

One of my favorite jellies is…..”

Isn’t it amazing (or ridiculous, you choose) that I’m still able to recall the introduction of my presentation?! That goes to show you just how hard they made me practice.

Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade Recipe

Recently, I was asked to help celebrate the 135th birthday of Ball® Home Canning. Needing no introduction, Ball® has been around since 1880 when Frank and Edmund Ball purchased the Wooden Jacketed Can Company with $200 from their Uncle George. Because my husband works in college athletics, I found it particularly interesting that in 1918, the Ball Brothers would donate the land and buildings of their first plant to a struggling university, that which we now know as Ball State University. Who knew!? Fast forward one hundred years and Ball® Home Canning remains the #1 consumer choice for mason jars in North America.

I can think of no better way to celebrate such a monumental occasion than to get into the kitchen and can something special for a neighbor’s birthday. My competition days may be long gone, but the satisfaction from gifting homemade will stick with me through eternity.

Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade Recipe

With a quick trip to Target for my canning supplies, I found just about everything I needed to get started tucked inside the Ball® Preserving Starter Kit. The Utensil Set for Preserving includes a Jar Lifter, Bubble Remover/Headspace Tool, Magnetic Lid Lifter, and a Jar Funnel. Trust me when I tell you that the Jar Lifter will be your very best friend when it comes time to place the jars in and out of the hot water bath.

Rather than create my own recipe, Ball® Home Canning provided me with some of their fresh and creative recipes for my Summer Breakfast in a Basket project. I found the Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade perfect for the occasion.

In case you’re wondering, marmalade differs from jelly or jam in that marmalade uses the peel of a citrus fruit (lemon, lime, oranges, grapefruit, etc) in the boiling process and then again in the inclusion of the actual preserve.

Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade Recipe

Once your Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade has set, you’re ready to prepare your basket. For my Summer Breakfast in a Basket, I included some homemade biscuits, two jars of my newly made Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade-one for now, one for later, and some mini bottles of orange juice.  I also included a mini bottle of champagne for mimosas! Who wouldn’t want to be greeted with that cute little basket first thing in the morning?

Strawberry Lemonade Marmalade

I’m raising my hand and hoping someone will treat me, too! 


  1. The idea of canning has always been super intimidating to me. But this recipe sounds so good I might just be tempted to try it once I can stand on two feet again! ????

    1. Bless your heart, I’m so sorry to hear about your bum ankle- on Mother’s Day no less! If you were closer, I’d run this basket over to your house!! Get Well!

  2. Ooh, I love the starter kit! This would be a great gift basket for just about any occasion!

  3. This looks amazing! I always love reading your posts and seeing your photographs. Great job Aimee!

  4. This sounds amazing. It seems so easy even for a beginner like myself. Just looking at the basket seems the absolute perfect gift! My next day off I am getting the Ball supplies I need for this!! We used Ball Mason jars in our rest for coffee. This would have been a hit!! The visual images set the stage for what could be the perfect sunrise fete!

  5. Aimee, this beautiful and delicious creation just makes me fall in love with Ball jars! I am smitten and have Ball jars and all the ingredients on my shopping list for this week! Thank you!

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