Rustic Blackberry Tart Recipe

This Rustic Blackberry Tart Recipe is the perfect recipe to welcome Fall and the seasonal berries it brings with it. 

Rustic Blackberry Tart Recipe

Not a fan of blackberries? No worries! Just substitute your favorite berries, or even fruit for a tart made completely from scratch, with minimal ingredients- most you already have on hand. 

Perhaps the hidden gem of the Rustic Blackberry Tart though is its turbinado sugar-crusted tart shell. I will be the first to admit that crust used to stress me out. When I first began baking pies, I’d often cheat with store-bought crust because I just wasn’t confident with my from-scratch crust making abilities. Add to that the humidity we have in the South and well, who has time for sticky crust?

Rustic Blackberry Tart Recipe

That was until I began making my crust in a stand mixer. 

It’s practically fool proof! 

Hop over to the Dixie Crystals where the recipes for both my stand mixer crust and my easy as can be, Rustic Blackberry Tart recipe. 

And if you find it still too warm where you are (like me down here in the South), top your Rustic Blackberry Tart with a couple of scoops of ice cream. It’ll give your oven the Fall baking it’s craving, but keep you nice and cool when it’s still 90 degrees. 

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