Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshake

It is so gosh darn hot already, y’all. Here in Louisiana we are already reaching temperatures in the 90’s. In June. I can only imagine what August will be like and am wondering if we have time to put in a pool before the scorcher of a summer truly hits. A girl can dream, right? Since adding a pool probably isn’t realistic this year, I am going to use these Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshakes as my cool treat to beat the heat instead. It’s not quite the same, but it’ll cool me down in a pinch.

Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshakes

Made with International Delight’s Mocha Iced Coffee the Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshakes couldn’t be easier to make. Mocha coffee mixed with creamy ice cream pulsed with mocha ice cubes…..oooh la la.  Perfect for when a friend is stopping by and you both need an afternoon pick me up but can’t possibly fathom sitting outside sipping hot coffee.

It’s going to blow your mind, y’all.

Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshakes

Nestled in the center of the milkshake is where the real magic happens. A combination of ice cream, condensed milk and cinnamon it’s like sipping a New Orleans style Creamy Praline sno ball! It’s dreamy and why I’m calling these things a Mocha Dream with emphasis on dream.

And you might be thinking why the heck does the ice cream need condensed milk? And to be honest, it does not, however, haven’t you ever gotten a sno ball and had them top it with condensed milk? If you answered yes, then you’re probably not asking me why I put the condensed milk into the ice cream. If you answered no, then you need to get yourself to the sno ball stand and order one ASAP. I’ll bet you $10 that you’ll now understand why my milkshakes include condensed milk!

Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshakes

The mocha part of these Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshakes requires zero effort. Simply purchase the rich and creamy International Delight Iced Coffee in Mocha flavor and freeze half of the contents into ice trays. Now, take a 1.5 quart of vanilla ice cream and let it soften just a bit. In your blender, add the softened ice cream, 6 tablespoons of condensed milk and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. Mix well. Put the ice cream back into the freezer until your mocha ice cubes are completely frozen.

When you’re ready to milkshake, you will add equal parts International Delight Mocha flavored coffee, ice cream, and mocha ice cubes. To make the milkshakes for you and a friend, it’s approximately 2 cups of each. I like my milkshakes really thick and my ice cubes were the small ones you see in the photos. Larger ice cubes will warrant less use but just wing it until you get the icy consistency you like!

Top with 2 mocha ice cubes to keep everything ice cold and pop in a striped straw and voila, you have the most deliciously sweet, icy treat to cool yourself down. And get a little afternoon coffee kick without the heat!

Mocha Dream Coffee Milkshakes

How are you beating the heat this summer?

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