Mason Jar Frito Pies

If you’re looking for a fun twist on your homemade chili recipe, then look no further than these Mason Jar Frito Pies. They’re perfect for transporting your chili on the go!

Mason Jar Frito Pies

According to Wikipedia:

“Frito pie is a dish popular in the Southern, Midwestern, and Southwestern United States, whose basic ingredients are chili, cheese, and corn chips (especially Fritos). Additions can include salsa, refried beans, sour cream, onion, rice, or jalapeños”.

I personally love Frito pies, but after 7 years of marriage Brian finally confessed that he doesn’t really care for Frito Pies because they remind him of the ballpark.


Mason Jar Frito Pies

It’s actually the reason WHY I like certain foods, the Frito Pie included. I can’t remember ever having a Frito pie at home, so I looked forward to Friday night football games. Funnel cakes take me right back to sights and sounds of the state fair. And a giant dill pickle wrapped in paper? Yep, memories of watching my friends play softball come flooding back like it was just yesterday…pickle in hand.

To assemble the Mason Jar Frito Pies:

Layer a handful of Fritos into a 12-ounce Mason jar, and top with chili. Sprinkle with a couple tablespoons of shredded cheese, sour cream and a couple of jalapeno slices. Seal.

I like to dump the contents into a bowl, or onto a paper plate (if you’re tailgating). I like each bite to have chili plus a Frito and eating it straight from the jar doesn’t afford you that luxury. So while it’s cute and trendy to say “oh,  just eat it straight from the jar!”. I’ve tried. It’s frustrating.

Just dump it into a bowl.