Houmas House Plantation

When you live in the heart of the South, plantations become your playgrounds.

I have always had a bit of an obsession with them.

I did my engagement photos at the former Tezcuco Plantation in Burnside.

I married in 2010 at Loyd Hall Plantation in Cheneyville.

I spent my last anniversary at Nottaway Plantation.

And I’ve participated in festivals at Oak Alley Plantation and San Fransisco Plantation.

All of that to say, I am often asked about particular ones, which ones are open for tours, which ones have lunch offerings or attached restaurants, or which ones  function as bed and breakfasts.

I am always happy to help, but it got me thinking that I should chronicle the ones I’ve been to (there’s a lot of them) and have them listed for your reference. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading all my photos and adding the links to the sidebar.

If you’ve never been to a Louisiana Plantation, then grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some eye candy!


This past weekend, we wrapped up my birthday week at the Houmas House Plantation.

It’s relatively local and only a quick 20 minute drive from Baton Rouge.

 The lush gardens and fountains make for a nice afternoon away from the hustle and bustle.



The property sits on 38 acres of gardens, fountains and massive Oak trees. One is said to be over 500 years old!

Lunch at the Cafe Burnside is nestled inside this quaint carriage house.

 The domed area houses a hidden bar area known as the Turtle Bar is ideal for grabbing a quick Southern cocktail.

  Lunch at the Cafe Burnside included Bourbon Shrimp, roasted potatoes and petite green peas. Delicious.

This particular Plantation offers lunch most days at Cafe Burnside, a Southern Sunday brunch at the Le Petite Houmas House Restaurant, and a more upscale dinner offering at the Latil’s Landing Restaurant under Executive Chef Jeremy Langlois.

 I’ve made a mental note that I want to own dinner plates with my name on them.


 A tour of the home and a melody from the movie Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte played by our lovely tour guide.


A Japanese tea house isn’t exactly what I was expecting but is quite gorgeous.

As we were making our exit and ending our afternoon, we ran into….

 One of the puppies of legendary King Sam and Princess Grace Kelly!

 Quick story: in 2003 current owner Kevin Kelly held a LAVISH wedding ceremony for his beloved Sam and Grace (dogs). 1,800 people were invited, CNN covered the story, and it was in 175+ newspapers. The dress and veil that Grace Kelly wore? Housed in one of the rooms of the Plantation along with their certificate of marriage. While no longer with us, two of their puppies live on the grounds today with Kevin Kelly’s mother, whom he built a special wing onto the garconniere (garconniere means a place for an unmarried man to live alone) already located on the property.

So if you’re touring and you see an old lady in her house dress, with a cane, rounding up two yellow labradors- she’s the owners mother!












  1. I think I will take my parents there next time they come to visit from TX. I have lived in LA for 3.5 years and have yet to make it to make it to a plantation. And that looks absolutely beautiful!

    Great to find your blog, I live in Lafayette. 🙂

    1. Hi Elaine!!! I was just on your blog last night!! I found you through Katy and am SO excited to meet you girls in a couple of weeks, and even more excited that you live so close! YES! Definitely take your parents to Houmas House. I’ve been to a TON of them, and am just now starting to post them all. We’re sort of obsessed with them. Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment! See you soon!!! xoxo

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