Elf Baking Aprons- Surprise Giveaway!

Hey you guys!

I’ve gotten quite a few emails requesting this year’s elf aprons and unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time to make any aprons this year.

I know. It’s a sad, sad, state of elfing knowing that your special friends won’t have a new monogrammed baking apron.

Elf Baking Apron

It has made me so sad to say that I wouldn’t be bringing them back, but the reality is, in the 2 years since we first made the aprons- not only did I not have the time, but everyone has started making them. Including the Elf on the Shelf company themselves. You’ve seen them. You’ve even text messaged and emailed me about them.

It’s totally fine. It’s their elf. I simply made one for a friend, and then friends of friends….it was never my goal to be seamstress to the Elf on the Shelf brand. Although, how stinkin fun of a job would that be??

What do you do?

Oh, I dress elves.

Now, you won’t find a monogrammed apron JUST for your elf, nor will the boy elf apron coordinate ever so lovely with the girl apron with his dashing bow tie.

Bowtie Baking Elf

Pizzazzerie’s Elf

No, no, that’s not what you’ll find made in China. Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with the mass produced baking aprons, it’s just not as personal as what you purchased from me, or from any other handmade business.

I was pulling out all my Christmas decor and it’s as if Baby Jesus Elf heard your cries because along with my Christmas decorations, I found a ziploc bag with elf aprons from last year.

I have 2 plain girl elf aprons- monogrammed in your letter of choice.

I have 1 “A” girl elf, and 1 “D” girl elf that need homes.

I have an “E” boy elf as well as 4 plain bow ties (can be monogrammed).

If you can find me homes for all 10 of these aprons, I would very much enjoy keeping your elf free from flour messes this holiday season!

It’s my Merry Christmas to you elf loving friends who didn’t get your aprons last year.

Simply enter the giveaway below between now & Friday and I’ll ship out your aprons this Saturday.

Hopefully, the mailman can deliver in time for your elf to whip up some cookies before he/she departs to the North Pole!

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  1. We have a boy elf. Funniest thing he did was climbed in my sons tonka bulldozer and took it for a ride.

  2. We have a boy elf. The craziest thing he did last year was zip line from the landing to the front door on some sparkly garland. 🙂

  3. Our elf had to write a “be nice” note last night to my boy. He had a bad basketball practice and needed a little reminder!

  4. I have a girl elf that I purchased last year, she has yet to come out of the box, so does not have a name. Any ideas?

  5. Your aprons are the cutest!! My mom gave me a bag of 6 vintage elves that we used to decorate when I was a kid – now I have them sitting all around the house. Love them! I would love an apron for a boy elf.

  6. I have a sweet little boy who isn’t quite old enough for Elf on the Shelf.. but next year… ooooh I cannot wait until we can start it!! I think having a fun little apron for our Elf will be so fabulous!!

  7. We have a girl elf named holly! Funniest thing she did was tape a I’m back note to the mirror and get all tangled in the tape as well! She had tape all over her self!

  8. My niece has a very stylish (girl) elf named Merry and an apron would complete her closet for sure! Last I heard, she was flirting with the snowman and making snow angels in the flour instead of baking!

  9. Our elf. “Elfred” has acquired a girlfriend and we would love for “Miss Trixie” to have an apron to match his so they can enjoy baking & pranking together in style 🙂

  10. We have a boy elf named “Elvie!”
    Funniest thing was when he wrapped our christmas tree in toilet paper to help decorate!!

  11. We have a girl elf and this is our 1st year doing this. Our Elf’s name is Princess Auroa. At First my oldest daughter who is almost 5 didn’t really believe in it, she knew it was just for pretend. But the other day my girls spent the night at their grandparents house and our elf showed up. Lol Since then they have been excited to see the elf everyday.

  12. Cutest aprons ever!! We have a boy elf and he loves to bake!! He always brings breakfast on the first day he arrives and makes cookies for my kids sometime before he leaves. He could use an aprons with a bow tie!!

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