Easter Egg Flower Vase

Recently, I spent some time working with the PAAS Easter Egg Dye company on some fun ideas for Easter crafting. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve dyed eggs but I found that it’s a bit like riding a bicycle. A bit wobbly at first, and then your juices start flowing and before you know it, you’re thinking of a zillion creative ideas for your eggs. And that, my friends, is where this Easter Egg Flower Vase came into play.

Easter Egg Flower Vase/ Aimee Broussard by PAAS Egg Dye

I was thinking of a way to display hard boiled decorated eggs when it occurred to me that I could look beyond only decorating hard boiled eggs and instead, make a companion flower vase to go along with those hardboiled eggs.

The project turned out so cute (at least I think it’s darling) that I wanted to be sure to share it here on my site because I know many of you will be crafting with your littles this weekend.

For my “vases”, I used the PAAS Gold & Shimmer Easter egg dye kit. The kit comes with 4 different shimmery paint colors along with everything you need to dye and paint the eggs. You can paint the shimmer over a dyed egg, or simply straight onto the egg as I have done.

To get started, you’ll need the following:

Easter Egg Flower Vase

The thumbtacks will get your opening in the top of your egg started, small handled scissors will work best for cutting the opening of your egg, the gold & shimmer paint kit, and some bakers twine.

Easter Egg Flower Vase

With a firm grip on the base of your egg, insert the thumbtack to the top of the egg and with circular motions begin expanding your opening. Once the hole is large enough to insert the tip of the scissors into, cut a larger opening into your egg discarding the contents.

*I know someone is going to think it or comment, so let me just say that when you are cutting your opening, fragments of the egg shell will potentially fall into the egg, therefore to be safe I am advising you to discard the egg. Not because I want you to be wasteful but because I don’t want you to eat scrambled eggs with shells in it.

Rinse out the interior of the egg shell and allow it dry completely.

Note: Non boiled eggshells are super, super fragile hence the phrase “walking on eggshells”…. you’ll find you need to be very dainty when cutting.

Once the eggshell is all dry, begin painting your soon to be flower vase.

Easter Egg Flower Vase

The kit will come with a plastic holder to hold your eggs sideways while drying but because I wanted mine to sit up, I used the corners of a cookie tray to hold mine upright. You could also use the back of the PAAS box for this as well!

You will find that your first coat of shimmer paint might be a little streaky. Just allow it to dry and apply a second coat.

Adhere a bit of bakers twine to jazz things up a bit.

Easter Egg Flower Vase

Add a bit of water if you’re using real flowers, or just plop a few silk flowers into your new shimmer vase.

Place the vases in a ceramic egg crate along with some shimmered boiled eggs and you have an upscale Easter basket perfect for gift giving, or something festive to place on the table!


Easter Egg Flower Vase/ Aimee Broussard for PAAS Egg Dye

Do you have any Easter traditions or special crafts you are working on this weekend? We are having our neighborhood egg hunt this Saturday and keep your bananas peeled for photos of my contribution.  So eggcited!!!

Two word hint: EGG STAND.

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