Monogrammed Cake & Casserole Carrier

Last week I hinted about taking a bit of a breather from the blog and reconnecting with my creative side. I haven’t necessarily neglected my creativity altogether, but for the past few months I’ve been solely focused on being creative in the kitchen nearly exclusively. I haven’t touched my sewing machine in over SIX MONTHS, y’all. I needed to dust it off, both figuratively and literally. Last week, I didn’t blog. I didn’t bake. I don’t even think I really cooked dinner much. But I did reunite with my machine and let me just tell you…..the sewing angels and the kitchen goddesses cheered with happiness from as far as the human ear could hear.

Say hello to my new Monogrammed Cake & Casserole Carrier Purse.

Handmade Casserole Carrier Purse

It looks like a purse.

You carry it like a purse.

Yet….it carries a 13×9 casserole dish!

For your casseroles! Or your cakes!

Isn’t she glorious?!

I have had the Simplicity pattern for likely more than a year with big plans to challenge myself to make the darn thing. And then, as such, life and a cookbook happened and the poor pattern got pushed to the side.

No longer, friends.

Handmade Monogrammed Casserole Carrier sure to be the hit of the next potluck dinner/ Aimee Broussard Blog

I decided that if I was putting my name on a cookbook promoting potlucks, then by golly, I better whip up a potluck cake or casserole carrier that could be worthy of calling myself “cookbook author” while pointing people in the direction of what they themselves should bring to a potluck dinner.

She made her debut this past weekend and everyone wanted to know where on earth I purchased my “casserole purse”.  There is nothing more rewarding than being able to say,”I made it!”.  And she’s similar fabric that the Traveling Apron was made with so everything is nice and coordinated.

Now, let’s not talk about how long the darn thing took to make, though. I’m blaming it on being rusty but y’all, I spent nearly 2 entire days on this darn thing. Reading patterns is NOT my strong suit.

Monogram Casserole Carrier by Aimee Broussard Blog

I’m hoping that the next one will go a little easier now that I semi know what I’m doing.

Heading to a potluck?

I’d consider:

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Chicken & Wild Rice Amandine Casserole

Spinach Madeleine Remix

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