Alexander’s Pop Up Market + a 10 Minute Burlap Bunting

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the sudden surge of Farmer’s Market style pop up markets and how shopping fresh and locally has become how more and more how folks are spending their weekends.

Maybe I’ve been under a rock and they’re not so “sudden” but it seems like there’s been a recent trend toward giving small businesses without store fronts the opportunity to present their goods locally via pop ups.  And it’s a trend I’m quite fond of!

I especially love when I get to participate and “play store”.

Last weekend I participated in the Alexander’s Highland Market Pop Up debuting The Traveling Apron Cookbook.

Alexander's Highland Market Pop Up

I posted a photo on Instagram of my tent aka “shop” but wanted to share  some photos recapping the Alexander’s Pop Up Market + a 10 Minute Burlap Bunting DIY.

Alexander's Highland Market Pop Up with Aimee Broussard

(terrible iPhone photo)

I whipped up that bunting in 10 minutes flat you guys.

At 10 o’clock the night before.

It’s how I roll. Getting ready for bed and like “crap, I need something welcoming to distract from the fact I’m under a tent”.

I know I’m not the only one who can’t go to bed until they have some bunting.

Here’s The Traveling Apron Cookbook Pop Up Shop.

The Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

We have the cookbooks (duh), a basket of handmade aprons, Miss Manequin wearing THE traveling apron, an easel with my larger than life cookbook cover…..and some 10 minute burlap bunting.

Keeping with the rustic-burlap-vintage-feeling pop up, I tied a cookbook in twine and used a chalkboard tag to notate the cost of the book since after all, my cookbook cover has a chalkboard-ish design on it.

The Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

I lined my apron basket with burlap to coordinate with the bunting and used one of our Traveling Apron recipe cards to label it.

No fancy schmancy printable anything.

Just a recipe card, some bakers twine and a Sharpie.

The Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

The easel used at my wedding reception to display my bridal portrait has been worth every penny since now it comes along for the ride to hold my cookbook poster.

The Traveling Apron Cookbook Signing

That antique appliqued lace tablecloth has come in handy as well.

I use it for tailgates, birthday parties, craft shows, etc.

It was a really, really great day for the cookbook!  I met a ton of new people, chatted with 3 different people about reviews/features, sold all of my aprons,  and got to see some old friends.

Despite the rain that ran off some of the vendors and shoppers, I was doubly covered and feeling great.

Other than my humidity crazed hair, but that’s a story for another day.

So here’s your very simplistic 10 minute burlap bunting tutorial.

Cut, Iron, Fold, Iron, Insert Twine Underneath Fold, Sew, Repeat.

How to Make a Burlap Bunting

Done deal, Lucille.

I’ll be back at the September market with Kitchen Spirit so the tent will look a lot different.

Super excited about prepping for that one!

Of course, I’ll have the cookbooks with me too.

Sidenote: I’m heading to Asheville, NC this weekend for Food Blog Forum. Be sure to follow along on Instagram for all the mountain side berry picking that’s taking place!

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