5 Tips to Keeping Your Home Office Pet Odor Free

I am excited to partner with AromaBreeze Fragrance System for today’s post. While it has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, all opinions are entirely my own. #WicklessWonders #CollectiveBias

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Pet Odor Free

There is something so very special about pet ownership. Our little furry friends provide us with love, affection, joy, entertainment and a sense of loyalty that is unrivaled by anything else. However, they also provide us with unwanted smells and topics of conversation that aren’t the most fun to discuss. I’m no pet odor removal expert, but I do have 3 dogs and I do think I do an ok job of keeping my new home looking and smelling…..new, and not like a dog kennel. I also work from home and am very adamant (OCD nearly) about keeping my environment smelling clean and fresh, therefore I’ve consolidated what I think works into today’s 5 Tips to Keeping Your Home Office Pet Odor Free.

These tips apply to rest of your home as well, but since my dogs hang out with me in my office daily I thought I’d focus on that space. Here’s the office before the dog pound is allowed in:

Aimee Broussard Blog Home Office

1. Clean Your Dog.

This should come as a no brainer but it is pointless to have a squeaky clean home with a dirty, smelly dog. Bathing your pet regularly keeps excess dirt, oils, pet dander, and any other odors that may be hanging onto dear life on their coats from being carried throughout the house. It’s also super important (especially for spaniel owners, like myself) to brush your dogs as much as they will allow it. I take my dogs outdoors for brush sessions to keep the loose hair off the floors and furniture.

2. Clean Your Office. 

There’s no denying that adding dogs (or kids) to your family will increase your household chores. With pets, it’s important to keep a firm handle on the cleaning if you don’t want your home office to show signs of the dogs hanging out there. Frequent vacuuming is crucial to getting the hair, dander and oils off your furniture and carpet. Daily mopping/swiffering is necessary if you’ve got shedding dogs. Loose hair contains dander and dander contains smell. Vroom, vroom, vroom it all up. Had I thought about it harder, I wouldn’t have put carpet in my office and would’ve instead had the woods floors installed like the rest of the house. I was thinking of the cozy factor….and resell value as an additional bedroom. Anyway. Also, if you own multiple dogs you’re going to want to change out your air filters more frequently than if you were pet less- minimal once a month. I work with fabric a lot, so if it’s a sewing day I literally lint brush the entire room before pulling out the fabric. Lint rollers are your friends.

3. Deodorize. 

Become one with baking soda. Once you vacuum where Billy Bob the Boxer sleeps you’re going to want to deodorize his space. Adding a tablespoon of baking soda into the canister of your vacuum will help smells from lingering, too. I am quite the fan of Febreze, but I also like the convenience of making a homemade deodorizer with…you guessed it, baking soda. If you didn’t know it already, baking soda works wonders for absorbing smells. I keep a bottle of this in my office and just spritz a couple of times to keep things smelling fresh when my crew is hanging out with me.

DIY Pet Deodorizer

Here’s what you will need to make your own Pet Deodorizer:

Empty spray bottle
1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda
2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil

Step 1
Pour baking soda into a small dish and add the drops of essential oil to it. Mix well. Adding the oil and baking soda prior to the water is important because the oil and water won’t combine otherwise.

Step 2
Pour baking soda and oil mixture into the empty spray bottle.

Step 3
Fill the bottle up with water and shake it well to mix the water and baking soda.

I keep a ribbon with paw prints on it to remind me that it’s a natural pet safe deodorizer and whenever I need to “freshen” up their space, I squirt, squirt, squirt.

4. Launder, Launder, Launder.

This ties into the clean your house/office task, but just as you wash the sheets you sleep on weekly, you’re going to want to wash all the dog bedding as well. Dog beds with removable covers are ideal because you can just toss them into the wash easily. Be sure to scoop up all bedding, blankets, pillows and washable toys while you’re at it. One of my dogs likes to lay on the kitchen rug while I cook, therefore, that rug gets tossed in weekly too. And Milo? He likes to hang out in the window of my office; people and squirrel watching therefore that bench gets vacuumed, spritzed and the blanket washed weekly.

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Office Pet Odor Free

Are you going to tell that face he can’t hang out in your office?

Nope. I didn’t think so.

4. Crank up the Smell Goods. 

Even the cleanest of homes, with or without pets, can benefit from  a great smelling candle, plugin, or wax warmer. I personally love the wax warmer type of fragrance systems because of the convenience. I had a really bad experience one time with an oil type wall plugin so I don’t use those. I have wax warmers in the guest bathroom and kitchen and recently added an AromaBreeze Fragrance System to my office. Unlike the wax warmers, the AromaBreeze has a gel like halo that surrounds a bulb and runs like a fan. No messy wax! And even better? It has the option of plugging in or performing by battery allowing you to place it on a shelf. The one thing I hate about my wax warmers is the cords so a battery operated fragrance system immediately caught my attention. The no wax is a great alternative for pet owners and parents of small children- no messes! You know what else is annoying? When a mosquito lands itself in your wax. No more the issue! Praise Jesus.

AromaBreeze Fragrance System

And how cute are the designs?

The hot air balloon matched my home office decor perfectly and the soft hum of the fan is quite calming.

AromaBreeze Fragrance System

Here’s how they operate:

Pick a scent.

AromaBreeze Fragrance System

Place the scented ring around the bulb and on top of the fan.

Aroma Breeze Fragrance System

Plug it in and put it on your desk.

AromaBreeze Fragrance System

Or put in the batteries and put it on your shelf!

(I forgot to turn it on for photos, but you’ll want to do that, too)

AromaBreeze Fragrance System

It’s amazing how something so small will make SUCH a big impact with freshening the room and because it looks like decor, no will ever know where the fragrance is coming from.

No wax or flames to give you away! And those little fragrance halos last 50% longer than wax.


Aimee Broussard Home Office

You can find the Scentsationals AromaBreeze Fragrance Systems at your local WalMart right next to the other Scentsationals wax warmers and fragrances.

It’s like the candy store of scents!

AromaBreeze Aisle

What tips do you have for keeping your pet odors at bay?

And be honest, how many scent contraptions do you own??


  1. That carousel unit fits your space perfectly- I love how it has a slightly vintage feel! I struggle with odors in my home office too, I’ll have to check out the AromaBreeze options! #client

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