Pop of Kitchen Color

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope that your Easter weekend was filled with family, fun snacks and furry bunnies.

Or, maybe just the family and fun snacks part.

It was really, really nice having the husband home for a long weekend. I feel like we’re wrapping up this house build and are nearing the homestretch.

And….the extra weekend time allowed us to search high and low for the perfect farm table to go in the new house and I could not be more pleased with the selection we made.

We joke that we’re building a new “old” house, but I think the combination of new construction with a nod to older elements best describe my design personality.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this process it’s that I’m VERY traditional.

So traditional that I thought by us choosing colored grout for the white subway tile was out of the box and living dangerously.

Speaking of…..

Aimee Broussard & Co. New Construction Kitchen- Pop of Kitchen Color Contest

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen the kitchen come together bit by bit but last week things really picked up speed.

The subway tile went in, the countertops were installed and the lighting fixtures were set.

Oh, and y’all- pot fillers might be my most favorite thing on the planet.

No more lugging a heavy pot filled with water for the pasta!

Can I get an AMEN on that?!?!

I’m also pretty smitten with this guy.

Cookbook Nook Kitchen Offset- Aimee Broussard & Co. Kitchen

The cookbook nook.

With a window seat.

And a smaller version chandelier that matches my dining room fixture.

Smitten, I tell you.

Obviously, they are still working on wrapping things up and eventually I will have outlet covers, the cookbook nook will have the shelves installed and I might have some clean floors, too but for now I need to concentrate on how to bring some color into the room.

And I need your help!

I’ve always wanted an all white kitchen and I’m loving my white subway tile with white quartz and white cabinets on white walls, however that’s a lotta white even for me, and I want to add a pop of kitchen color in this space.

I do need to be cognoscente of the fact that my kitchen is open to the living and dining area so I don’t want something super bold in one spot and clash in another.

Pop of Kitchen Color Contest with Aimee Broussard & Co.

Make sense?

My go to place for anything home related is the  Wayfair website.

Wayfair- A Zillion Things Home

They don’t mess around with the whole “a zillion things home” thing.  They seriously do have a zillion things for the home.

You can find just about annnnnnything there.

With their help, I’ve narrowed my POP OF KITCHEN COLOR down to three choices:


Pop of Kitchen Color with items from Wayfair.com (RED)


KitchenAid Mixer
Checkered Towels
Multi- Tiered Stand


I mean, if that’s not a pop of color I don’t know what is.

Then we have the MELLOW YELLOW:

Pop of Kitchen Color with items from Wayfair.com (YELLOW)


Striped Rug

Flower Planter

Le Creuset Tea Kettle

Bright. Sunny. Just begging me to serve up some lemonade.

And then there’s the ever so calming AQUA.

Now I love the aqua but I’m not so sure it will give me the “pop” I’m going for.


Pop of  Kitchen Color with Wayfair.com items (AQUA)


Aqua Tea Kettle

Hand Towel

Wall Art

Now, let’s get down to business.

I’m serious when I said I was in need of your help.

So much so that if you help me choose my kitchen color, Wayfair will reward YOU with $100 to shop and pop some color into your own kitchen.

Or any other space that might need some pizzazz.

Need me to repeat that?

Simply help me choose some items from the WAYFAIR website in the color that you think I need to incorporate.

You’ll head over to their site, choose a favorite item then come back here and post a link in the comments.

Here’s an example of your blog comment:

“I think you should go with red in your kitchen. And I think you need these lobster kitchen towels:

http://www.wayfair.com/Artgoodies-Organic-Lobster-Block-Print-Tea-Towel-OWT-Lobster-VKD1051.html”; rel=”nofollow”

You’ve voiced your color choice and you’ve picked me out a favorite item.

Easy Peasey Oooh La La.

We’ll meet back here on May 2nd and I’ll reveal the color I chose and announce a winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

No purchase necessary. By leaving a comment you agree to the rules of this sweepstakes. Each comment to this post equals one entry and must include a name and valid email address to be eligible. A comment must link to a product from Wayfair.com to be considered for this sweepstakes. Limited to entrants over 18 in the US and Canada, residents of Florida, New York, and Rhode Island are ineligible to enter. Contest begins as of the time of this post and ends on Sunday May 2nd. The winner will receive a Wayfair gift card/promo code, a retail value of $100 US. The number of eligible entries received will determine the odds of winning. All comments will be numbered in the order they are received and the winner will be chosen randomly by Aimee Broussard using the Random Number Generator at random.org. Winner will be notified by email at the address given in their entry and must respond within 72 hours to receive their prize. If the winner does not respond within that time, a new winner will be chosen. The prize will be provided by Wayfair.com. Aimee Broussard & Co. is not responsible for any problems with receipt of the prize. This contest is governed by the rules of Massachusetts, void where prohibited. This sweepstakes is sponsored by Wayfair LLC, 177 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA, 02115.


This post is sponsored on behalf of Wayfair as a result of my affiliation as part of the Homemakers program. All opinions have and will always be entirely my own.

Good Luck!!!


  1. I like the yellow! And I love the little tea pot you chose in yellow.

  2. This is a TOUGH one! I vote for Aqua!

    • Isn’t the aqua fab??! Just don’t know if it’s enough. Wonder if I can hodge podge all the colors?? Ha!
      PS: Don’t forget to leave a link to your fave aqua item on wayfair.com!

  3. Kris McCulloch says:

    I love your subway tile backsplash! And, I could see shades of Aqua and pale greens to compliment your kitchen white. This dinnerware set in Aqua with hummingbirds is cute: http://www.wayfair.com/BonJour-Fruitful-Nectar%C2%A0Porcelain-16-Piece-Dinnerware-Set-55585-BJR1510.html

  4. Love, love, love your kitchen! Last summer we remodeled our kitchen to all white and I enjoy it so much! I vote for aqua. I have this tea pot on my stove and love the pop of aqua happiness :)

  5. I am liking the yellow! It will go well with the light coming in through the windows. Yellow can translate well into most seasons also! My favorite is this bucket in the butter color. I could see you piling fruit in it or seasonal dish towels. http://www.wayfair.com/Antique-Revival-Round-Basin-Bucket-BU057B-SQW1333.html

    • Oh my goodness, Erica that bucket is perfection and I didn’t even see it on the website! NEED! I hope you are doing well. I miss catching up with you!!!!!

  6. I really love the idea of the blue but I think I have to go with yellow. It’s just so “HAPPY” and kitchen-y, to me anyway. The house looks GORGEOUS, Amy!! :D

    • Thanks, Elaine! See that’s exactly the issue I’m having! I gravitate toward another color and keep coming back to the yellow because it’s so darn happy. Thanks for voting!!!!

  7. Lauren Nutt says:
  8. I’m thinking aqua

  9. I love them all! I personally have the red kitchen aid suite in a very white kitchen. After a decade of that though, I would absolutely trade it in for the more modern aqua! It’s a perfect pair for the white in your space.

  10. My vote goes for red! Oh my goodness, I love your home! Now I’m off to tell my husband that we have to move somewhere with more character. :)

  11. Carole Murphy says:

    Hi Aimee! Love your space! That beam is gorgeous!

    I’m voting for aqua. I can see this rug in your kitchen, which would allow you to pull any of its colors into your living area/s.


  12. Love the yellow! And I’d add this cute yellow plant stand!


  13. I love all the options! My kitchen is bright yellow with red accents, which I love. But the aqua is so beautiful as well. You can’t go wrong with any of the colors!

  14. Camille Roth says:

    Definitely the Candy Apple Red and if you don’t already have one of these, go with the Kitchen Aid Mixer!


  15. I’m loving the white but what about coral?

  16. You KNOW I need me some Wayfair.com for my new house!!! I say go with Mellow Yellow. It fits you and it will look fabulous with that rustic exposed beam up top. I am dying to see how your casa turns out once you finish all the decorating and painting. I bet it’s going to be beyond charming!

  17. I love the yellow for your kitchen. It’s a beautifully designed and done kitchen Aimee. I just love it I want to come over and bake in it…….

    And I think you need these Jolene Terrace Lined Placemats for your table:


  18. I feel the red would be too bold for the cottage farmhouse feeling of the house (at least that’s the vibe I get from what you’ve shown us so far!).

    Aqua is always pretty, but I think a pop of YELLOW would work really well to make the space feel bright and airy all year long. (Plus, yellow is the color of butter and you can’t go wrong with butter!) I also think yellow compliments so many other colors that it would work well with whatever ascent colors you chose for the living/dining spaces.

    I usually don’t go for clutter on the counter tops, but I do like the look of a KitchenAid mixer on the counter. I think it signifies a “homey” feeling or something. So, I’m choosing this for your pop of color: http://www.wayfair.com/KitchenAid-Artisan-Series-5-Qt.-Stand-Mixer-KSM150PS-KAD1590.html?piid0=7133956

  19. Katie Jones says:

    I like the mellow yellow! But I also liked the lemon green where did that go?

  20. LOVE love love the new kitchen! can’t wait to see when it is all completed! i’m in love with the yellow accessories! Fingers Crossed for this Giveaway!

  21. Lisa Talberg says:

    I love the aqua since it would go with so many other things. I actually like the three colors together.
    You could even use some eggplant purple with it. I like to change things out all the time. I even have different dishes based on what I am serving. I mean you just can’t serve jambalaya, chinese and Italian on the same color dishes. Regardless what you choose with be beautiful in your new home.

  22. I like the blue best or maybe the yellow or both\

  23. Aqua all the way!!

  24. Rachel Cartucci says:

    I like blue best!It’s relaxing and sets a peaceful mood.I love the blue tea kettle

  25. AQUA would look beautiful and not too harsh of a contrast. This teakettle..http://www.wayfair.com/Circulon-Circles-2-Quart-Teakettle-CLN1632.html

  26. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    I LOVE all the colors- but with the white, Aqua would totally rock!!! And THIS is amazing!!!

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