Sheet Pan Suppers

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Hello and happy August! Now, can someone explain to me how it is already August? Wasn’t it just May? Where did June go?

To prove my point that August has snuck right up on me, I was speaking to a friend the other day as she explained the overwhelm that is back-to-school shopping. There’s the uniforms that don’t fit, the special markers, the pencils, the Kleenex, the activity fees, etc. I made some uneducated comment like “Well, at least there’s plenty of time for that!” The look on her face said otherwise. It is, after
all, August.

With her in mind, and for all your schedules that are sure to be turned topsy-turvy with the disruption of the children heading back to the classroom, these sheet pan suppers are sure to keep your families fed, and your sanity in check.

They are as quick and easy as they are delicious, but perhaps even more important, cleanup is a snap. One pan is seriously all you’re going to need. And if you want to be a real family rock star, prep everything the night before. You will literally dump the contents onto the pan and be serving the meal within minutes! Less than 20 to be exact.

Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken