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Egg Nog Topped Hot Chocolate

Are your plans for Thanksgiving all buttoned up? Got the turkey all delegated so you can focus on your prized sides? I love, love, love Thanksgiving food. Sweet potatoes, green bean casseroles, pumpkin pie oh my- I love it all. I love gathering around the table to reflect on all the things we are most thankful for, and those special things that have occurred that particular year. I also love that Thanksgiving sort of signals us into the holidays. And man, do I love the holidays!

I spotted the new International Delight Hot Chocolate the other day and immediately my brain began to ponder yummy hot chocolate concoctions to bring along while looking at Christmas lights. One of the traditions my husband and I have adopted is hopping in the car after the dogs have been fed and walked for rides to look at the lights. We map out all the fun neighborhoods around town and make it a point to hit them all.

Egg Nog Hot Cocoa by Aimee Broussard Blog, using International Delight Hot Chocolate

This year, we’ll be heading to the bonfires at Nottoway Plantation and since Nottoway is a bit of a drive, I’ll be filling up the thermos with something warm to sip for our travels there. That idea will have to wait until next month, however! Today, I’m sharing this quick, easy, and ridiculously delicious Egg Nog Topped Hot Chocolate. It combines an homemade egg nog whipped topping with the ready made hot chocolate…pretty much making it the best holiday drink on the planet!  It screams Happy Holidays!

First, you want to whip together your whipped topping.

Egg Nog Whipped Cream
Author: Aimee
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup egg nog
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
  1. Tip: Make sure the heavy cream, eggnog, and even the bowl of your stand mixer are well chilled before whipping. Beat the whipping cream on high until peaks begin to form, slowly add in the egg nog and powdered sugar, beating until well combined and desired whipped cream consistency is reached.

 Once your topping is all prepared, you’ll simply heat your International Delight Hot Chocolate in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

Swirl a bit of the egg nog whipped cream on top. Lightly dust with a bit of cocoa (if desired) and add a couple of mini chocolate chips.

Egg Nog Hot Cocoa by Aimee Broussard Blog, using International Delight Hot Chocolate


I feel like I need to remind you that we are talking about EGG NOG ON TOP OF HOT CHOCOLATE!!!

I die.

It’s so good I might be adding it to the Thanksgiving dinner after party instead of coffee because, it is EGG NOG ON TOP OF HOT CHOCOLATE.

Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page!

Go, go now and get yourself some hot chocolate!

Egg Nog Hot Chocolate/Aimee Broussard Blog for International Delight

And since we are talking about my love affair with International Delight (have I mentioned they just aren’t about coffee creamers?), you might want to head over to their website and share your own memory of how YOU capture the spirit of the holidays. YOU can win $5,000 and a holiday brunch of a lifetime!

This conversation is sponsored by International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.