Christmas 2014 Recap

Hi guys! I just wanted to pop in really quickly and highlight a few of our Christmas moments from this season. Sort of one of those things that if I don’t document it somewhere will I ever remember which year that happened type of thing! I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful holiday celebrating with friends and family. I hope you also enjoyed lots of delicious food and the comfort of your stretchy pants, too!

So here we go with the Broussard Christmas 2014 Recap!

Our Christmas season really began back in October when I set my holiday table and decorated the Christmas tree for our Junior League newsletter feature. My friend and fellow River Road Recipe committee member, Jessica and I worked our tushies off setting up and preparing a full on holiday dinner. From a signature cocktail to a delicious turkey, to an array of sides and completed with an entire buffet of desserts; we went all out.

This photo was taken by the talented Kaela Rodehorst Photography. She works a lot with some of our local fashion bloggers and I knew if we got our hands on her, she would create magic. And she did!

Entre Nous Christmas Newsletter

Nearly the same photo became our Entre Nous holiday cover:

Entre Nous Cover

(sorry for the icky photo, I have yet to receive my copy of Entre Nous and this was a screen shot on someone’s cell phone)

It was also featured in inRegister magazine.


(another icky photo but you can pop on inRegister’s site for more photos & all the recipes: Feast for the Eyes)

Once we were finished with the photo shoot, I had full intentions of leaving up my Christmas tree throughout November. I even commented how far ahead of the gang I would be! I must’ve jinxed myself because we were asked to host the Cookoff Before Kickoff crew when they were in town for the LSU/Ole Miss game and I just couldn’t see spreading the Christmas cheer during a massive football party.


See? Totally wrecks the early holiday mood wouldn’t you say?

So the tree came down….and then it went back up after Thanksgiving.

So much for being ahead of the gang.

Also this season, I had the task of creating the costumes for Mary & Joseph for our church Christmas parade and Christmas Eve live nativity scene. I totally stressed myself out over it and you’d have thought I was literally sewing for Mary and Joseph! I think they turned out nicely and if you had seen the pile of scrap material and pattern they handed me (there was no budget for costumes and the staff wanted to use what they had available) you’d be even more impressed that I pulled this off.

Mother Mary Costume

And here’s Mary & Joseph at the parade.

Mary & Joseph Costumes

I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t super proud seeing my handiwork in action. And can we just pause at how wonderful our Mary looks? That bump is legit.

I made these White Chocolate Iced Gingerbread Cookies for the cookie swap, but they became the most requested cookies among family and friends so we’re going to highlight them in my 2014 holiday roundup.

White Chocolate Iced Gingerbread Cookies

Make them. That is all.

We added Murphy to our family toward the end of October so to celebrate his 1st Christmas with us, I hired my dear friend Kori from (she also designed my Cook Off invitation, too) to hand illustrate all 3 of our dogs to be used for Christmas cards. It was much easier in my mind to have them sketched rather than figuring out how to teach them all to sit still for photos.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Christmas Cards

To say I was obsessed with the cards might be an understatement. She captured them so perfectly and it just makes my heart smile looking at them.

Milo, my black and tan approved 110% with having our cards printed on coffee mugs for a few people on our list who have just about everything and deserved a mug rather than a Christmas card.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Coffee Cup

I die.

He’s the cutest darn thing I have ever seen.

And miraculously, we were able to get a photo in front of the tree with all 3 of them.

Christmas Pups 2014

Other than Stella totally not sitting like a lady, we got them all to somewhat sit still! I’m calling this a winning Christmas moment.

So, how was your holiday? Are you still celebrating or is your family visits complete and you’ve already moved onto Mardi Gras & Valentine’s Day?

We still have family to see and gifts to exchange on Jan 3rd so you could say we’re extending the Christmas season throughout the 12 days for sure!

Even though it is seriously belated, Merry Christmas friends!