13 down, and 1 to GEAUX

LSU Post 1

It’s an incredibly exciting time around these parts!

It’s finally time to head to New Orleans and cheer on the LSU Tigers as they attempt to add the icing on top an undefeated slice of cake that was the 2011 season.

Did I mention it’s an incredibly exciting time??

Too bad it means they’ll have to beat Alabama. Again.

Luckily, I have packed my Beat Bama button. Again.

Speaking of packing, my suitcase looks like a giant can of glitter blew up inside of it.

My motto this weekend is “Sparkle Baby”!

You know, like they scream on Toddlers & Tiaras.

I figure if I bring the sparkle, they can bring the game faces & luck.

We’ll arrive tonight in New Orleans and will have a whirlwind of activities all weekend.

One day I’ll change clothes 3 different times. Yep, 3 different times.

Good thing I’ll have lots of fun “What I Wore” content/posts for future linkup parties.

So, if you didn’t score a golden ticket to the biggest game in college history (or at least this year) and you want to see how a girly girl does football, make sure to watch the blog, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be bringing you lots of sparkly updates!

And as always, GEAUX TIGERS!!!