You Are My Sunshine-Emery Turns One!

When you make the decision to launch an event planning
company, and your sister’s only child turns one shortly thereafter, it’s sort of
a given that you’ll be in charge of devising something special. Lucky for me, I
come from an amazingly talented family and Emery’s party was a labor of love for
just about everyone.
Here’s the birthday girl. {GOSH} Doesn’t she look like she
needs a spectacular birthday party?
My sister and I narrowed down themes months in advance. She
lives in a historic neighborhood in Ruston, Louisiana and I really wanted the
party to reflect the area we were in, and work with a chosen theme since we were
having the party at her home. We infused a “You Are My Sunshine” theme with a
lemonade soiree combined with a ton of vintage details.  I really didn’t develop
a full on “inspiration board”, but here’s a list of buzz words we factored into
every decision we made:
I wanted it to feel Southern cozy from the moment someone
parked the car and walked up the front walk.
I think these guys did the trick……
In the dining room,
we moved all the furniture to the edges of the room, worked with the large
windows in the room rather than covering them or creating any sort of backdrop
for the dessert table. It was a last minute decision to add pops of hot pink to
the all yellow & white gingham palette and I couldn’t have been more pleased
with the result.
The cake was one of
my favorite details of the party. My sister worked with Jaime from The Cake Barn on the
cake design. My sister is so much more of a free spirit than myself and gave
Jaime very little direction, used the word “dainty”, “our lil sunshine”, and
gave her free reign. For a planner, had I not completely trusted Jaime’s work, I
would’ve been an absolute wreck. She couldn’t have nailed the cake any better
than she did. It was stunning and absolute perfection.
Emery’s invitations featured the lyrics to “You Are My
Sunshine” and Jaime worked them onto the cake.
The dessert table was super special to me. Nearly everything
on it was vintage. The lace tablecloth, the metal cake carrier, the glass cake
stand, the bubble glasses of lemonade that were my grandmother’s. If every event
I planned would let me infuse vintage, I’d be a happy girl.
I even worked the birthday girl onto the dessert table,
because well, she’s just so darn cute!
We kept the food really simple. Sunny sandwiches, crawfish
dip, chips and crackers. I used the same antique window pane I used in Lucy’s
party, and just updated it with an E my sister had.
My sister has an old church pew that functions
as a bench in her dining room that normally sits under the large windows. We
made it festive by tossing some pillows on it and attaching an applique I
purchased from The Sewing Loft.
The picture of the applique monogrammed banner really didn’t
photograph well, but my mom did such an incredible job on it. It’s going to be
adorable in Emery’s room.
Then we moved outside for lemonade, and man oh
man did we have a lemonade stand.
Emery’s Lemonade Stand!
I gave my sister a photo of a rustic authentic
stand, she gave it to her husband and father in law, and voila!
And yes, I could be
found an hour before the party hanging poms and an obsene amount of ribbon in
the trees. I absolutely loved the way it blew in the wind as people sipped their
lemonade. I’m not sure if you’re keeping count but we’re now on Mason Jar usage
number 2. Number 1 was the hanging vases that lined the front walkway.
Me with my only sister taking in the “sunshine”.
For the patio tables, we kept it really simple and fresh. I
used antique milk bottles filled with fresh flowers and a handpainted canvas my
sister made with the “You Are My Sunshine” lyrics.
For favors, my sister liked when I did the cupcakes in a jar
around Christmas time, so we gave them a pop of gingham fabric and tied some
ribbon on them. It was really nice to have something to snack on for the ride
home as many of her guests were out-of-towners.
Mason Jar usage number 3. {GOSH} Can you tell I’m from the
South yet?
Happy Birthday Emery Jordynn!

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