Black Magic Halloween Cocktail

Black Magic Halloween Cocktail

You know what a night of door bell ringing, dogs freaking out, trick or treating headaches mean?

Homegirl is going to need a cocktail….a Black Magic Halloween Cocktail.

Black Magic Halloween Cocktail

Made with two simple ingredients, you’ll be boozing it up in no time.

Orange juice. Black vodka (I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE so I improvised) and some orange wedges for garnish.

Ok, so that’s 3 ingredients.

4 if you can’t locate Black Vodka and use black food coloring to turn yours black like I did.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail

I saw the cocktail here and thought well, that’s easy enough.

And I had orange juice.

I even had an orange.

I did not have the Black Vodka but after 3 stops looking for it, I gave up.

Note: If you get lazy the way I did and NOT locate actual Black Vodka and choose to color your vodka black, your mouth WILL turn black after consumption of this cocktail. You’ve been warned.

Black Magic Halloween Cocktail

Add your ice and simply fill your glass halfway with orange juice. Then, very slowly pour the vodka on top. It takes very little and you want to be careful you don’t pour it forcefully, otherwise it won’t layer and you’ll have a hot black mess.

If you look at the glass on the right, I added too much vodka and its not even. That person needed a little extra to get through the day.

Garnish with a mini orange wedge and pop a straw in it and you’re done.

Call up the ladies and pull out your Ghoul’s Night Out napkins (Home Goods) and drown out all those ghosts and goblins.

Ok, so maybe don’t “drown” them out, maybe they’re your own kids,  but at least have yourself some relaxing time while the kids go crazy on sugar.

 Ding dong. Ding dong.


Ruff! Ruff!


Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!


Yet another Elsa costume.


Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

Nobody’s home…..mama’s drunk and in bed.

Happy Halloween, y’all!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2

It’s Halloween!

A day when most of my neighbors will turn off their lights and pretend not to be home in order to try to avoid the little ghosts and goblins that will take over our streets. I, however, will be the crazy lady in her Halloween apron, lights on, pumpkins lit, armed with way too much candy, praying that not everyone will boycott neighborhood trick-or-treating for the Zoo Boo.

You may remember my apron post a while back. I’m serious, I’m wearing the Halloween apron. Or a witch hat. I may even dress up my dog. I’m not sure.

One thing is for sure, though. There will be cupcakes.

Not-so-scary, but definitely kinda creepy…….cupcakes.

I pulled out the “Martha Stewart Cupcakes” book, and I went to town.

I staged my facial features in an orderly fashion.

I turned my icing a ghoulish green.

And sent my husband to work with little creepy creatures named after his assistants.

I’m sure they were delighted I gave them crazy eyes and scary teeth.

For the complete how-to, you’ll need to head over to the Mixing Mavens site.

Stay Safe & Stay Scary!