LSU/Auburn Tailgating Extravaganza

Tailgate 2

Sometimes I feel bad that my husband not only works for LSU, but that his birthday falls during football season. This past weekend his birthday fell on the LSU/Auburn game, so rather than trying to organize around the game, I organized AT the game.

I specifically put on the invitations, “look for the highly decorated white tent” because sometimes tents all start looking the same when you’re walking through a sea of tailgaters.

This is what my idea of a highly decorated tent looks like:

People started showing up before I hung the fabric hula hoop chandelier, so you don’t get to see it “staged”, but trust me, it’s a fabulously fun addition to your next shindig.

Ah, the fabric bunting. It felt like I was forever making bunting!

LSU fans are known to drink a few adult beverages, and I didn’t want anyone getting lost on the way to the stadium, so I painted my handy dandy directional sign. And used it to welcome guests to “Mike’s Den”. If you’re reading this and clueless about the #1 LSU Tigers, our mascot is named Mike.

If anyone still ended up going the wrong way, it wasn’t because I didn’t try.

I didn’t want anyone being bored, so I constructed an oversized Tic Tac Toe board out of an antique side board table. You just buy the wooden letters from Hobby Lobby, paint them in your team colors, add spray glitter for bonus points and you’re all set. I sewed multi width ribbon to double layer and simply taped it onto my table. Voila. Instant activity and a tad different than the traditional toss the football.

I chose traditional tailgate food for my tent because I knew that next door at my in-laws tent they’d have traditional Louisiana tailgate food. And yes, there’s totally a difference in case you’re wondering.

BBQ Sliders

Tiger Tators

Chicken Salad Footballs

Spicy Corn Dip

Tiger Nuts

 You’ll notice on my backdrop a flag with a vintage looking old school Mike logo on it. He became the focus for my decor. I brought out my antique lace tablecloth, tossed some burlap runners on it (handmade) , gave my milk bottles some burlap flair, and pulled out all that memorabilia that my husband had hanging around the house.

Don’t be afraid to bring the indoors out. It will make a boring tent a little more cozy.

I found this vintage megaphone while out antique shopping, long before I knew I would do a tailgate revolving around it.

Drinking your “Tigerade” is just more fun in these little guys….

And now for the birthday “treats”.

I enlisted the help of Sandy from Firefly Confections and Maria from Love & Sugar Kisses. I said to both of them, “I need you to make me a vintage Mike”. And they both delivered beyond my wildest dreams.

I spotted a tutorial for fun little fabric goodie bags from Maria at Giggles Galore that she featured on the  Piggy Bank Parties site, and thought they’d make a cute addition for my cookie favors.

 Why send people home with just a cookie, when I could send them home with cookies in a little pouch instead?

I nearly lost my mind when my Mike fondant topper arrived from Maria. He was so good, I instantly fell in love with him.

I stuck him on a store bought cake from Baum’s Pastries- a local bakery here. I told Maria I wanted him to sit on the edge of the cake, and here he is- just chilling on the cake.

I also had some LSU colored fleur de lis petitfores made as well.

My Party People:

And because Christie from Gridiron Belles was in town, I was able to get a fun photo with her along with my copy of her book with my…….. you guessed it, my hula hoop chandelier!

And now, Mike is saying the band is coming and it’s time to head to the stadium.

In case you’re wondering what a stadium of nearly 90,000 looks like.

Or when they score…

Are you exhausted yet, because I definitely was!

Even with a broken leg, my fondant Mike kept the party going long after the whopping 45-10 win over Auburn.

Because that’s what the Tigers are doing this year. They keep going, and going, and going!

Happy Birthday Brian!

I’m linking up to the She’s Kinda Crafty/Gator Girls Tailgate Throwdown Challenge.

Wish me luck!! Geaux Tigers!!