It’s a Cavalier party, ya’ll!

Cleve 4

Sometimes when you least expect it, God plants just the right person in your life. At just the right time.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know that I lost my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- Lucy nearly two weeks ago.

The pain has been terrible. Really, really terrible.

But for all the terrible moments, it’s as if Lucy has been sending us signs.

Signs that she wanted us to move on with a happy life. Signs that she wanted us to love another Cavalier again.

The first sign occurred when Brian spotted an older man walking a Lucy clone on his way home from work.

He walked through the door and said “I saw a Lucy on the way home. It’s a sign”.

A few days later the only Cavalier breeder in town just so happened to be in the LSU ticket office paying for his season tickets. At the exact same time my husband was walking past the window. Brian knew him from working at LSU and because of our affiliation with Petropolitan- the doggie day spa where Lucy was the unofficial mascot, we knew he bred Cavaliers.  Brian shared with him our story about losing Lucy and some general questions about his choice of veternarians. He offered his kindness and his home  anytime we wanted to visit his Cavaliers.

Once again,  Brian came home and said “Aimee, it’s a sign. Lucy is sending us signs”.

I’m not sure Cleve (the breeder) expected me to email so soon. But I did. And I totally imposed myself onto him and his precious little family of Cavaliers.

Our play date was set for Sunday afternoon and I went bearing cupcakes from Frosted BR and an open heart.

I was warmly embraced by Mollie, Millie, Rhett, Ellis Hugh, Ace, Ivan, Rudy, Penny, and Gracie.

They were everywhere! I could’ve taken photos of them all day long, but I was trying so very hard to be polite to this person I had just met,  and not get mistaken for the dog paparazzi.

Ace was so very excited to have some new guests over to play.

(I’m not sure what my camera did to the pup’s right eye!)

Rudy wanted to just chill next to me, but not Ace. Ace was the puppy of the bunch and he liked to give kisses. REALLY give kisses.  And he was obsessed with licking my head! He must’ve liked my shampoo.

While this little sweeetie (Millie? Gracie? I’m not really sure)  just wanted to melt me with those puppy dog eyes.

Several years ago, Cleve’s wife was suffering from liver complications. As she began to get more ill, she researched pets and sought one that would provide her some comfort. A companion. A special friend that would rest when she needed to rest.

They purchased thier first Cavalier and named her Mollie. She fell in love with Mollie and wanted to breed the dogs and one day show them. Unfortunately, she passed away prior to receiving her liver transplant.

Cleve continues to breed the dogs in her honor and surrounds himself with his “family” of gorgeous Cavaliers.

I learned that my pain over losing Lucy pales in comparison to his loss.

I am incredibly blessed for his kindness and generosity and for allowing me to share the afternoon with him and his sweet, sweet little brood.

I’ll be “borrowing” a few furry friends when Brian begins traveling for football this Fall.

I’ll be missing my Lucy more than ever, and I’m so incredibly thankful to have someone so willing to share his Cavaliers with me!

Slowly, but surely you guys, I’ll be getting my happy back.