Storm Season Preparations With Duracell

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Storm Season Preparations With Duracell.

Like clockwork, hurricane season will come and go here in Louisiana. It’s a lifestyle adjustment you make when you commit to living in the deep South. With that in mind, the best action to take is to know it’s coming, and to make the appropriate storm season preparations, i.e. having an inventory of all the Duracell batteries you might need.

You’ll know when storm season is approaching when you start seeing massive battery displays in the center of the walkways of your neighborhood Wal-Mart.

duracell battery display

There are a ton of informative websites out there that will hit the basics and rather than remind you that you need a plan of action for your family, a list of emergency contacts, a first aid kit, food and water for 14 days, etc I’m going to share with you how to save your sanity when the electricity goes out.

Storm Prepared with Duracell

(Flashlights, extra batteries, an external battery operated phone charger & a portable radio)

Anytime the electricity goes out, I actually enjoy it for about the first 2 hours. Especially if it’s out during the daytime.

You get uninterrupted time to work on a craft (modpodge & hand stitching don’t require electricity!), play a game with your spouse, or…..wait for it…..TALK to your spouse while he/she can’t flip the channels.


No television, no computer, and no cell phone (you’re conserving your battery life) to distract you.

But, if it’s a large storm and your electricity stays out for an extended period of time you’re going need something more than your needle and thread to keep you occupied.

At some point, you’re going to make phone calls to family members to check in and you’re probably going to hop on Facebook to check in on friends and the Internet to survey the damage.

And then your phone battery threatens to die and you realize you’re not sure you can go on without electricity.

How will I know the storm is over if I can’t check weather alerts online or listen to my radio???

Where will I get my laughs if I can’t read the Dramatic Storm Updates (that’s an actual page) on Facebook???

If I can’t use my phone to report that my electricity is out for the zillionth time, how will they know I’m still without power?!?

How did the girls on Little House on the Prairie SURVIVE?!?!


With the help of Duracell I’m going to show you how to extend that precious phone life with a little thing called the battery operated external charger.

Also available at Wal-Mart where you generally buy your batteries, this handy dandy little battery operated phone charger comes in an emergency charging kit by ONN.

Simply pop in 2 Duracell batteries.

duracell batteries

Connect it to your phone, and turn it on.


duracell operated battery charger

I have an external charger already but it requires being plugged into an outlet to charge so once its done, its done.

This little guy runs off batteries.

That’s a whole lotta phone connectivity.

Let’s talk about making your flashlight a little more attractive if you’re going to be stuck lighting the way to the restroom once nighttime falls, shall we?

Washi tape and a paint pen.

storm prepared with duracell

The end.

You might be wondering why I need to put my name on my flashlight like a kindergartner?

Let me explain.

Every time we need a flashlight, one of them hasn’t been put back in its proper spot.

And one of us always claims that they put theirs back.

Therefore, my name is on mine to prove whose flashlight ends up back in the storm cabinet.

Since we’re talking about lighting up your home, you’re going to also want to get yourselves one of those little battery operated lanterns that match your newly washi’d out flashlight.

You can usually find them in the camping aisle.

Safer than a million candles and much brighter, too. Tote it around as you open your canned ham and flip through a magazine.

Or change the station on your battery operated handheld radio.

You know, the one you’re using to avoid exhausting your phone battery as you listen to the storm updates.

So, outside of a generator to protect the refrigerator contents batteries are by far one of the most essential necessities when the lights go out.

What about you, how do you stay sane during a storm? What are some activities you do as you pass the time?


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    JOan Cook says

    Great post! I love the idea of tracking the Looser of the Light! It happens in my house too!
    Joan #client

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