Southern Craft Academy {The Details}

I am SO excited to share the details of the 1st annual Southern Craft Academy!

Southern Craft Academy Logo

{Isn’t the logo itself 5 tons of fabulous? Not only is Stacy “kinda crafty” but she’s kinda a graphic genius too!}

I hinted last week about the goodness that myself, along with home- DIY- blogger- and- sign- making- extraordinaire Susie, and hot- glue- gun- ribbon- making- wreath -mama Stacy, have affectionately coined the  “Academy”.

Southern Craft Academy Founders

I really don’t know if the Bocage Plantation has any idea the level of crafting that will hit it come August (August 2-4th).

I can only tell you guys that we are pouring our hearts into this thing. I mean absolutely, positively handing over a piece of ourselves served up on some fancy imported fine china.

It’s crafting like you’ve never seen.

Ready to hear more?!?!

Here’s what we’ve got in store for 9 lucky ladies.

Southern Craft Academy 411

And ya’ll that’s not even everything we have in store, but rather than disclosing ALL of the craft details we’ll be keeping some surprises for the elite 9 that make it through the Academy.

So, tell me. Do you have what it takes to attend and graduate from the Southern Craft Academy?

Bocage Plantation Bed & Breakfast

Now that you’re all excited, run, race and set your reminders for tomorrow, Thursday April 4th at 9:00am CST.

The three of us will be posting the link on our Facebook pages!

Read Susie’s announcement here: Southern Craft Academy

Read Stacy’s announcement here: Southern Craft Academy- The Details


***Fine Print: You will be sharing a room with other ladies- 3 total to a room. Not everyone will have a bed to themselves. We like to refer to this as glamping- glamorous camping. Every effort will be made to make absolute certain you are comfortable, but you should be aware beforehand that you’ll have bed buddies. DO NOT WORRY. You will be paired with like personalities and we pinky promise your roommates will become your best friends. Promise.  If you’re still worried, check out the size of the rooms at Bocage and I’m betting you’ll relax. ***


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    Facebook Comment says

    Madeline Subat Ellis, check this out. I’m hoping to make it down, depends on Audrey’s school schedule.

  2. 4

    Facebook Comment says

    Aimee Broussard I know! I wonder if we’ll have a cold snap when she enters the zip code 😉

  3. 5


    Emily Ellis Welch- Oh, it gets even better. Susie is married to an Arkansas alum! We’re essentially representing half the SEC, but we all know who is calling the shots…….there will be an LSU beverage bucket floating around. Hee hee hee.

  4. 10


    Shannon Commerford Wroblewski- As much as I’d love for you to come to Baton Rouge, I’m not going to tell you to miss your reunion at our expense. However, should you choose to miss your reunion we would do our best to distract you!!! xoxo

  5. 16

    Cindy B. says

    Did this event happen? Was really looking forward to learning more about it and maybe attending in the future but haven’t seen anything else about it. Thanks

    • 17


      Hi Cindy! Yes, it was held a few weekends ago. If you’re on Instagram, you can type in #southerncraftacademy and see everyone’s posts-it’ll give you a good idea of the weekend! We’ll be posting recaps soon, too.

      • 18

        Cindy B. says

        Thanks so much. Signed up for instagram and just finished looking at the pictures. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all and hope you do it again soon. Thanks so much

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