Share a Coke and a Mason Jar Tea Towel

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There are few things on this Earth that delight me more than indulging and grabbing an ice cold coca cola bottle or the opportunity to share a coke with friends and chat about nothing. Share a coke and a mason jar tea towel and you might as well stick a fork in me and call it done.

Coca Cola, affectionately referred to as simply “coke” in the South is a mainstay staple.

When you want an actual Coca Cola- “I’d like a coke, please”.

To which they will inquire Diet or Regular?

But it’s all still a “coke”.

Try requesting a Pepsi and see what sort of looks you get.

It’s not pretty.

Because I do love my “coke”, I was thrilled to learn of the new marketing campaign Coca Cola has going that replaces the traditional branding to a more a personalized approach. The bottles feature names of people you know and is pure goodness in my opinion. It’s called Share A Coke and not only can you search for your name in coolers nationwide, but you can also hop on their website and search to see if they’ll be featuring your name.

You know, to keep you from looking like the crazy lady turning all the bottles around searching for your name- not that I know ANYTHING about that. (wink wink).


Share a Coke with Aimee

However, this is what I’ve been coming across in my desperate attempts to find the correct spelling of my name.


share a coke

But that’s ok, because they have generic bottles for sharing with Family, Friends, Team, etc.

share a coke with family

(PS: Wal-Mart needs to clean that lower shelf. Lordy. )

And even the cans come personalized, too!

share a coke cans

I was so smitten with the Share A Coke campaign that I decided to take things a bit further.

I decided I would share a coke along with a handmade, hand-stitched mason jar tea towel to match.

Handmade Mason Jar Tea Towel

Why stop there, you say?

Why not include some Cherry Coca Cola cupcakes to go along with your cokes and mason jar tea towel?


If you insist.

Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes

Cherry Coke Cupcakes

 I shall share cokes, cupcakes and a mason jar tea towel with an unsuspecting friend who might need a little pick me up.

Share a Coke Gift Basket by Aimee Broussard #shop #shareitforward

And since I have extra cupcakes, might as well whip up a second basket with the Family bottles.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Let me get my hands on a “Team” to share the goods with and I’m on it.

Let’s walk through how easy peasy my Mason Jar Tea Towel was to whip up.

Start with a bundle of tea towels.

tea towels

I chose red because I was intentionally matching my Coca Cola cans. You choose whichever color you like.

Using an oversized mason jar stamp (found it at Michael’s) , lightly stamp the outline onto your towel.

tea towel stamp

With a needle and thread, plop yourself in front of The Real Housewives of Wherever and stitch the outline of the jar.

tea towel stitching

Wing it, and add a heart.

Crafts are better with hearts.

Kitchen towels? Better with hearts.

Mason jars with hearts in them. Oh my, my…..BETTER.

Toss the towel into your goodie basket of cokes and cupcakes and go out and make the world a happier place.

Share a Coke Gift Basket with handmade tea towel by Aimee Broussard

I’ll share the recipe for the Cherry Coca Cola Cupcakes soon!


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      Thank you, Kristal!!! If only you were closer, I would’ve dropped that off at your house for your tv celebration!!! Must schedule a visit/craft weekend soon!!!!

    • 6


      Keisha, they are so stinkin’ easy. Just watch your favorite show while stitching and boom, you’ll be all done in no time. Can’t wait to see your towels!!!!

    • 10


      Ha ha, yes- you clever thing! Thanks for the sweet compliments- wish you lived in my neighborhood, I’d eat your shrimp and drop off cupcakes. HA!

    • 12


      Insanely easy. A little time consuming but that’s probably because I didn’t know what I was doing needle-point wise. Is that even what it’s called? See? Clueless!

  1. 13


    Aww, that “soulmate” one is too sweet! I love the tea towel idea and I never would have thought to stitch over a stamp. Brilliant! Those cupcakes look SO delicious!

  2. 15

    Rhonda says

    I bought a few stamps today what I want to try the stitching with. I guess I will not be finding Rhonda on a coke bottle though :( I love the campaign though.. want to make those cupcakes too!

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