If You’re Going To Be A Loser….

If you’re going to be a loser….

Then at least lose to yourself.

Last weekend I was invited to a Pampered Chef party where a prize was being given to the best apron.

So in true Aimee fashion, I set out to construct the most impractical apron in attempt to win by cuteness default.

I spotted a vintage inspired apron in the latest issue of Apronology, and quickly decided that’s the direction I would head.

There was lace. There was pearls. And there was rosettes. Lots and lots of rosettes.

Here’s my little apron in all her glory.

Fancy schmancy, right?

And here’s a photo of the ladies who entered the contest.

The chick next to me in pink is wearing a Jessie Steele apron. And I’m kinda smitten with it. And with Jessie Steele.

So that means I’ll probably be making one similar soon. Which means more apron inventory in my pantry. {sigh}.

And see that lovely green “Gaga” apron.  She totally cheated and brought her matching grandbaby’s apron and kicked all of our booties. And if you didn’t already know by now, I made them both.

So she won the prize, but I also got a lovely citrus peeler because I made the winning apron.

And that made me happy. But not as happy as having one of my aprons win!

Oh, and see the lady in the Easter apron on the far right? Her two little girls are getting the most adorable spring aprons in their Easter baskets. I just finished one of them tonight, and boy oh boy is it my new favorite!

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I ordered cupcake fabric the other day that was already on sale. Then I used my additional 15% code, found exclusively on my own page and got myself quite the deal.

And better yet, I’ve streamlined it for you to show you the current discounts at my favorite places.

You’re welcome!


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      – Love them! I collect ponars and my sister makes super cute mommy and daughter and or son matching ones. I think number 2 up there is my favorite up there!!! You would look so stinking cute in any of those.

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    These aprons look rlelay great. I don’t have experience in sewing. I would love to take part in a sewing class however I don’t find the time right now since I just started working full time after finally getting a place at the local kindergarden. Maybe next year

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