Holiday Decorating With Sharpie

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #StaplesSharpie”

In case you missed it on Instagram yesterday, I sang a quite delightful song. It went a little something like this:

I’m a Sharpie girl, living in a Sharpie world.

It’s fantastic, I can write on plastic.

You can stop & stare, even scribble everywhere

Imagination, life is your creation.

Come on Sharpie, let’s go party! Ah ah ah yeah!!!

I’m guessing with a song like that,  you want to know how I partied with my Sharpies? Well, let’s go see!!

Holiday Decorating With Sharpie

I love Sharpies. Like, really, really LOVE Sharpies.

I will ONLY write on my shipping packages with a Sharpie- FINE point.

Ever see my nice and neat hand-writing on thank you cards? Sharpie EXTRA FINE helps with that.

In my planner? The Sharpie pen no bleeds.

And last summer when I went to Disney World? Sharpie Paint Pen DIY Minnie Mouse Toes

Spokesperson material I tell you.

When I had the opportunity to share with you about the  Sharpie promotion currently going on at Staples right now, I jumped on it.

You want me to purchase Sharpies? Ok!

You want me to create a Holiday project using my beloved Sharpies? You betcha!

Sharpies come in Metallics now? Oh heavens, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!

I got a little carried away with my Sharpie purchase but they were all on sale and who doesn’t like a Sharpie sale??!

Currently the 12 pack of multi colored Sharpies are on sale for $6. 6 dollars! That’s like a couple of free Sharpies!!!

Sharpie Pens

I purchased those to have on hand for holiday wrapping & shipping.

But those Sharpies in metallics?

Oh, they were asking for something much more glamorous than wrapping paper and shipping supply.

My friends, they said to me…..”Aimee, take me home and make me art”. And I was like, Sharpies- I’m no artist but I do have a plan.

A plan to turn some inexpensive plates from Goodwill (.59 each, y’all) into food signage.

Move over food tents…..

There’s a Sharpie Sheriff in town!

Holiday Decorating With Sharpie

It’s the season of Christmas parties and sometimes you’ll have a cute little printable alerting you that what you’re about to eat is an Eggnog Oreo, sometimes it’s just a sad little handwritten piece of paper, and sometimes…. sometimes there’s not a thing in the world telling you what it is.

You’ve been there. It’s not fun.

You want your food labeled. You neeeeeed your food labeled.

Whatever did we do before we labeled everything?

I mean, take a look at these Eggnog Oreos.

Eggnog Oreos with Handmade Label

If I didn’t tell you that’s what they were I bet you’d think you were grabbing a White Chocolate something or other.

And boy would you be surprised! Or terrified. Depending on your relationship with Eggnog.

Not convinced you’re ready to write food labels on your plates with your Sharpies?

Well, then take a look at this.

We’ll call it long lasting Sharpie Art.

Sharpie Chalkboard Plate

3 supplies.

A .59 plate from Goodwill. Some leftover Chalkboard paint. And your metallic friend, Mr. Sharpie.

Sharpie Chalkboard Supplies

Now go search on Pinterest for some Holiday chalkboard art.

Paint the inner circle of your plate with chalkboard paint.

Then free hand the saying of choice with your fine point Sharpie.



Instant decor.

Sharpie Chalkboard Plate

And that Sharpie who challenged you to be an artist?

He got served.

Holiday Style.

For more Sharpie inspiration, connect with them online:





And if you’re feeling really Sharpie festive, join me in the Holiday #StaplesSharpie Twitter party tonight. RSVP right HERE.

You can win….wait for it, wait for it………….SHARPIES!

Or giftcards to buy yourself some Sharpies. :)


    • says

      Hi Britni!
      No, it won’t come off like say, chalk. It adheres to it just fine. However, you can’t wash it or anything if that’s what you meant.

  1. says

    Um I’m in love! For the one without chalkboard paint ,you just wrote on it and that’s it? no oven required afterwards? so cute! love the chalkboard one also!

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