Event Planner vs. Apron Maker

Photo: Pinterest via by9tumblr.com

Someone asked me the other day, “what do you mean you’re not planning parties anymore, don’t you miss it?

I think the short answer is no.

But the fact that I’m creating aprons primarily FOR parties would lead to a little bit of yes.

I’ve been so wrapped up in this whirlwind of apron making that I haven’t had the chance to put the two together. Until now.

Did I really stray far, far away from party planning?

Well, not really.

All the things that I loved about parties in the first place, the creativity, the personal elements, the making of something no one else has. I still get those things.

 I just rid myself of the competitive-need-to-outdo-the-other-school-moms-and-get-my-party-featured, and more importantly- the clean up.

I have the best of both worlds now.

I get to collaborate with super talented party mamas. I get to create something unique for their children. I get to provide something that lasts long after the party ends.

And I get to do it in my pajamas. Or yoga pants if I’m daring.

It’s a win, win I tell ya.

And the really cool part?

When I feast my eyes on their spectacular party photos, know that I was an itty bitty part of thier child’s special day, and get goose bumps all over that I made that.

 I made that? Oh my goodness, I made that!

The first apron I did was for Miranda at Whimsical Printables. I spotted her lovely invitation on Facebook and said “self, I bet you could make that!”

 She was kind enough to purchase it and use it for her oh-so-fabulous-party-of-my-dreams, shindig.

Photos: Princess Lalaloopsy 3rd Birthday via www.whimsicalprintables.com via Sandra Bludau Photo

I nearly cried when I saw her gorgeous little girl snacking while wearing my goods.

Another lovely, had her aproness sketched.

That’s right. Sketched.

The birthday girl attends art classes at the Timree Studio and they used her sketch for the guest sign in at the party.

I adore this party mama, birthday girl & paint studio so much that I’m planning a trip to California to hang out will all three of them.

 Am I crazy? Probably, but that’s how I roll, ya’ll. Buy my aprons and we become BFF’s. It’s sort of a requirement.

I received this fabulous sneak peek photo of the birthday girl.

Little Red Riding Hood playing in the photo booth? With props?  I nearly died from the cuteness.

One of my absolute favorite apronesses to date, was a custom one for a vintage inspired strawberry patch party.

The birthday girl is TINY. I kept shrinking and shrinking the pattern and it was still a little big.

Her party planning mama is the talented Ashley from The Hip Hostess.

Photo: The Hip Hostess

What I love the most about her photo is that it’s evident the party girl is having a blast. Nevermind her apron is nearly coming untied, she is the most adorable strawberry picking chick I’ve ever seen.

When I compare the feeling I get when someone shares their photos with me, with the feeling I used to get when I witnessed the party peeps seeing their parties for the first time, it’s sort of the same.

Better even!

I hope you’ll be inspired to pursue your dream. Even if, at the time, you’re unaware it’s a dream.

Photo: Pinterest


  1. 2


    Thank you!! I totally agree, it’s sooo hard not to get away. I can’t thank you enough for being my muse. I was thinking the other night, if I never saw your invite, none of this would happen! Your next party you’re getting an aproness on the house! ♥

  2. 3


    Awww, girl!! Do you know how giddy that makes me? To have been the spark for someone?! I’m totally blown away and still can’t believe my invite did that for you!!! That Aproness made a little girl and her mama so happy!! I’m so going to try and do a pizza party for some kids and will be hitting you up for aprons for each kid!! Yay!! You’re stuck with me for life!! 😉

  3. 5


    Aimee… You are truly an amazing, amazing woman! I am always so inspired by the essence of YOU! Thru your blog and your passion, you radiate JOY and HUMBLENESS and ALL THINGS WONDERFUL!
    I can not WAIT to hug your neck!! and I am ecstatic that you are DOIN WHATCHA LOVE, LOVIN WHATCHA DO!!!

    • 6


      You just made me cry. Like, seriously made me cry. Happy tears of course! I can’t wait to hug YOUR neck, and have an amazing, amazing weekend! I’m going to blog my hardwood floor makeover so that I’m not a complete Haven fraud.
      Adore you!!! Thank you for your sweet, sweet words!

  4. 7

    laura~eye candy event details says

    I am so glad you are doing something that you love! You have always been good doing whatever you are doing at the moment BUT this is different & I know you know that. Proud of you & the aproness empire you are building. xoxo

    • 8


      Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re so right, it definitely feels different. Like I’m supposed to be doing this, however cheesey that sounds. Thank you so much for your sweet comment- totally made my day!

  5. 9


    lol!!! you are so funny!!! Love you! Will be contacting you soon for those apronesses! The good thing is I’ll be needing 3 for BOYS too! So you get to try your hand out on an apronvest! 😉

  6. 13

    Tawona says

    It is good to hear you found your niche and you are doing your thing. Sometimes you have to step outside your everyday mold and do something that excites you. Well wishes to you!

  7. 16


    Well said! I know you are working hard but loving it surely helps! I laughed at the ladies on Duck Dynasty trying to whip up “Louisiana’s Best Apron” and thought of you! I smell cross-promotion. LOL. Your work is so beautiful. Wish I could sew like that!

    P.S. Apronvest? TM that bad boy!

    • 17


      Oh man, I don’t watch that show! I’m going to try to see if I can find that episode online. I hear they are hysterical!
      Thank you for your sweet compliment. I very much appreciate it!

      The apronvest cracks me up- I’m not sure about that one!!

  8. 18


    Aimee, so excited for you and the Aproness! I knew I had to get one even though my girls are not little anymore, because they are amazingly cute! Passing it on to someone that would enjoy at their party, playdates or playing princess will make my heart happy. I love your tablecloths too, any word on that?!!

  9. 20


    You already know I adore you and your dedication.  Your aprons are AH-mazing and I am so happy to hear that you are happy doing what you love.  :)

  10. 21


    Hi Amy! I just love your aprons!!!! You are incredibly talented and I’m so thrilled you are doing what you love. I just wanted to reach out and see if you were interested in creating a holiday apron for one of my parties in Nov. :). Thanks so much!

  11. 23

    tara says

    Hi,I absolutely love this and so original! could you make this apron in a child and mommy one??? if so please give me a price:) Thank you

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