CPN Party Girls Weekend Preview

Take 20+ women passionate about party planning, tempt them with amazing swag bags, corral them in Memphis, TN, bring in a special guest to speak about how she launched an entertaining website-landed not one, but two book deals-raises an adorable show dog named Henry-plans a wedding-yet remains completely grounded enough to hang out with chicks like me who are dying to know where her constant inspiration comes from. Wonder what that gives you?

The Childrens Party Network is a fun party inspiration website that is by far one of the most welcoming and encouraging sites for women diving into the party planning world. (You know, like me, 6 months ago).

They’ve been planning meet-ups around the country.

Here’s a fun photo of Deanna (on left) from Pink Laundry Events at the CPN Southern California meet-up held earlier this year.

When I heard that one of the ladies I met in NYC at the Martha Stewart event was going to be co-hosting, and that the “Southern” event was going to be held in Memphis, I said to myself, “self, Memphis isn’t that far, let’s do this”.

Here’s a fun photo of the crazy co-host, Laura from Eye Candy Event Details.

 PS: Laura has become a personal friend, so it’s totally allowable to call each other crazy.

There are two other party girl hosts that I’ve become “friends” with online and I cannot wait to meet them in person, then blog about them later as real friends.

Oh, and that special guest speaker. Wondering who superwoman is, are you?

She’s Courtney Dial from the wildly popular site, Pizzazzerie.

And here’s a sneak peek from her book that will debut in Spring 2012.


I hit the road tomorrow morning, and will be updating you once in Memphis with a little sneak peek then recapping the adventure next week on the blog.

But now, I must pack and get my party girl rest!

Oh, and don’t you worry I’m fully aware that the event is being held on the biggest day in SEC football and I’m prepared.

I’ll be rocking my “Beat Bama” bling.

And snacking on these little guys during my drive.

Happy Friday!



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