Homemade Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Heart Shaped Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while Pimento Cheese Sandwiches don’t necessarily scream “lovey dovey lunch time snack” it most certainly can if you use heart shaped cookie cutters! Wednesday night, I hosted a Valentine’s Day custom card creation workshop at our local Anthropologie. We made glitter cut out  cards and coordinating stationery boxes to house them. It […]

Host a #SaintsStyle “Homegate” in 5 Easy Steps

New Orleans Saints Tassel Garland

Tis’ the season for football outings, watch parties, and my favorite……stylish homegates. What’s a homegate you ask? It’s a tailgate in your home! The fun, the food, and the team spirit all from the comfort of your own home. Let’s start with my quick and easy plan to make your next soiree a “saintsational” event, […]

Barkery Party + Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading dog suckers

There was a time that if I heard “Oriental Trading”, I was immediately transported back to high school and was sitting in planning meetings for our Homecoming dances. I affiliated Oriental Trading with tinsel and party horns and that was about it. Boy, have they come along way since those high school planning meetings! From bulk […]

Stella & Milo’s Barkery {Dog Birthday Party}

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Birthday Party

Welcome to Stella & Milo’s Barkery Cafe! Come. Sit. Stay! Today’s Special is our  First Birthday Pupcakes, would you care for one? We also have peanut butter bars and yogurt bones. Thirsty? You should  “paws” for a sip of something sweet. This is Stella & Milo. It’s their 1st birthdays we’re celebrating! Perhaps you’d like […]

Monogrammed Mondays (Pawty Apron)

Dog Party Apron

See these two? My sweet, sweet puppies when they were actually puppies. (Stella at about 3 months, and Milo 5 months) A month later. And yes, that’s an entire roll of toilet paper. And here they are in April of this year headed to a crawfish boil appropriately attired. I know I’m biased, but good […]