{How To} Watermelon Jelly


You know the saying when life gives you lemons…. make lemonade.

Well, when your neighbor gives you a gigantic watermelon….make watermelon jelly!

I had never made watermelon jelly, but I did hold a state title back in the day for mayhaw jelly.

That’s right.

In high school, I competed with girls across the state demonstrating my mad jelly making skills.

And I  kicked booty.

At jelly making.

Saying that out loud makes me giggle so hard.

I sort of thought I was inventing watermelon jelly. However, a quick search on the Internet proved that I did not in fact invent watermelon jelly.

The great thing about converting your leftover watermelon into jelly is that it takes very few ingredients.

Chopped up watermelon, some lemon juice, sugar, and a box of  Pectin.


And with a little bit of fabric and raffia, you can thank your neighbor for the watermelon….with a sweet watermelon treat.

I had plans of photographing the process for you, but I totally got sidetracked with the whole boiling watermelon and constant stirring.

So, here’s the site that I used for step by step instructions:

How To Make Watermelon Jelly

Watermelon jelly is a very faint tasting jelly. Don’t expect something as strong as say, strawberry jelly but for a light, sweet tasting biscuit topper- it’s worth a try.


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{How To} DIY Minnie Mouse Toes


Today we are going to talk about How to DIY Minnie Mouse Toes. 

If you follow me on Facebook then you know that I was in Disney World last week.

This week I thought it would be fun to recap my week with Miss Minnie Mouse with some fun DIY’s that you can implement on your next trip!


Let’s begin with your toes.

You can create Minnie worthy toes in less than 10 minutes flat.

How to DIY Minnie Mouse Toes

How to DIY Minnie Mouse Toes

That’s right, 10 minutes.

I was super excited when I saw that my favorite brand of nailpolish,  OPI had come out with a Vintage Minnie Mouse collection.

Photo: via

Excited, I tell you.

I’m a terrible fingernail/toenail self-painter but refused to pop into my nail salon boutique and pay them to polish change me into Minnie Mouse polka dots.

And seriously, who wants to say that outloud?

I purchased the OPI polish in the shade The Color of Minnie.

Now, you can easily purchase an OPI shade in white and apply your dots.

I, however, am a control freak and wanted more control over applying the dots somewhat evenly.

I bought a Sharpie Paint Pen and got busy.

{This post is not sponsored by OPI or Sharpie, but it totally should be}

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Easy peasey and when done on a patio table in Louisiana heat, dries in no time!

Meet you back tomorrow for a DIY: Minnie Mouse Headband!

How to Dress like Minnie Mouse