My love…my Lucy

Lucy V-Day 2

My dear sweet Lucy,

The last 24 hours have been agonizing.

Your death has shocked, angered, saddened and debilitated me in ways I didn’t know were imaginable.

I’ve never had a dog as an adult and saying goodbye to one too soon has broken my heart into a million pieces.

I’ve cried enough tears to create a flash flood warning in all of Baton Rouge.

I’m trying desperately to embrace the wonderful memories we shared, but I’m bitter.

I want you here.

I want you back.

I want to know why.

I don’t have a single memory of my marriage without you in it.

You proposed.

You hung out during my bridal portraits and did your very best to sit pretty.

Photo via: Mark Eric Weddings

We gave you lots of Cherrios and captured this sweet moment.

Photo via: Mark Eric Weddings

You shared holidays with our families. Our siblings brought children, we brought you.

Lucy, you were my everything and I’m lost without you. Destroyed, really.

I know time heals all wounds but the silence of your little paws clicking against the wood floors is deafening.

Your absence next to me while I slept was unbearable.

Did I sleep? I’m not sure as the hours that have passed since you left us are a blur.

I hope you know how much I adored you.

And how much I learned from you in the short time you were with us.

You shared my love for ribbon and crafts.

And you were the ultimate party girl.

Photo via: Lacey Rabalais Photography

Your spirit was so strong, but your heart so weak.

Photo via: Lacey Rabalais Photography

Will you ever forgive us for not knowing? Will the anger toward those who didn’t detect your condition ever go away?

Or, is it better that we didn’t know, therefore never held you back when you thought you had a chance at catching those squirrels?

You lived life so fully, my little Lucy and to know you did it while quietly hiding your illness crumbles me.

I would’ve done anything in this world to prolong my time with you.


I spoke to your breeder yesterday. I was even angry with her. Your parents were champions and heart clear.

We thought you were too.

She shared my tears, and my hurt and graciously offered to send us another puppy in October.

But Lucy, you have my heart.

My entire heart.

I’m not ready to share it with another dog.

You cannot be replaced.

Please know that our lives were forever changed by you.

Your strength. Your forgiveness. Your sweetness. Your love for life.

Photo via: Lacey Rabalais Photography

Your personality. Your love for all people. Your ability to capture hearts and hold them in the palm of your paws.

Photo via: Lacey Rabalais Photography

Thank you for honoring us with the opportunity to share in your short little life.

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” -Author unknown

**Thank you to each of you who have commented, emailed, texted and called but forgive me for not replying individually. Know that I appreciate it more than words can say, but am struggling beyond measure. I love you more than you know. **

Event Planner vs. Apron Maker

Whimsical Printables Apron 3

Photo: Pinterest via

Someone asked me the other day, “what do you mean you’re not planning parties anymore, don’t you miss it?

I think the short answer is no.

But the fact that I’m creating aprons primarily FOR parties would lead to a little bit of yes.

I’ve been so wrapped up in this whirlwind of apron making that I haven’t had the chance to put the two together. Until now.

Did I really stray far, far away from party planning?

Well, not really.

All the things that I loved about parties in the first place, the creativity, the personal elements, the making of something no one else has. I still get those things.

 I just rid myself of the competitive-need-to-outdo-the-other-school-moms-and-get-my-party-featured, and more importantly- the clean up.

I have the best of both worlds now.

I get to collaborate with super talented party mamas. I get to create something unique for their children. I get to provide something that lasts long after the party ends.

And I get to do it in my pajamas. Or yoga pants if I’m daring.

It’s a win, win I tell ya.

And the really cool part?

When I feast my eyes on their spectacular party photos, know that I was an itty bitty part of thier child’s special day, and get goose bumps all over that I made that.

 I made that? Oh my goodness, I made that!

The first apron I did was for Miranda at Whimsical Printables. I spotted her lovely invitation on Facebook and said “self, I bet you could make that!”

 She was kind enough to purchase it and use it for her oh-so-fabulous-party-of-my-dreams, shindig.

Photos: Princess Lalaloopsy 3rd Birthday via via Sandra Bludau Photo

I nearly cried when I saw her gorgeous little girl snacking while wearing my goods.

Another lovely, had her aproness sketched.

That’s right. Sketched.

The birthday girl attends art classes at the Timree Studio and they used her sketch for the guest sign in at the party.

I adore this party mama, birthday girl & paint studio so much that I’m planning a trip to California to hang out will all three of them.

 Am I crazy? Probably, but that’s how I roll, ya’ll. Buy my aprons and we become BFF’s. It’s sort of a requirement.

I received this fabulous sneak peek photo of the birthday girl.

Little Red Riding Hood playing in the photo booth? With props?  I nearly died from the cuteness.

One of my absolute favorite apronesses to date, was a custom one for a vintage inspired strawberry patch party.

The birthday girl is TINY. I kept shrinking and shrinking the pattern and it was still a little big.

Her party planning mama is the talented Ashley from The Hip Hostess.

Photo: The Hip Hostess

What I love the most about her photo is that it’s evident the party girl is having a blast. Nevermind her apron is nearly coming untied, she is the most adorable strawberry picking chick I’ve ever seen.

When I compare the feeling I get when someone shares their photos with me, with the feeling I used to get when I witnessed the party peeps seeing their parties for the first time, it’s sort of the same.

Better even!

I hope you’ll be inspired to pursue your dream. Even if, at the time, you’re unaware it’s a dream.

Photo: Pinterest