Oh, the places you’ll go….

Dr. Seuss

As 2011 comes to an end, I’m taking a moment to reflect on the year that zoomed right on by me, rather than dwelling on the laundry list of resolutions I will most likely not keep.

And yes, I’m summing it up to a Dr. Seuss book.

My year has been similar to the description of the book:

“All journeys face perils, whether from indecision, from loneliness, or worst of
all, from too much waiting.”

Luckily, I can say I didn’t spend a lot of time waiting.

I followed my heart.

I made some tough decisions.

And some incredibly fabulous things happened.

For starters, I hung out at the Martha Stewart Headquarters for a Dreamers Into Doers conference in New York City. Because, you know….I made the decision to ditch my corporate job and rather than keep dreaming, start doing. Doing something I can wake up in the morning and be passionate about.

The trip included attending a Martha Show taping.

Here’s the lovely picture I took of the television screen as I eagerly watched for my 5 seconds of air time. I’m towards the middle & to the left, in bright teal.

Not long after that, a party I planned for my niece Emery landed itself on the front page of the Hostess With The Mostess website. And let me tell you, that sort of thing can go to a girl’s head.

But it didn’t.

In fact, this year and the parties it included really made me rethink some of the “fabulousness” I see on party planning sites. I’ll save that epiphany for a later post.

I then found myself on another jet plane.
This time, I wasn’t heading to New York City to hang with Martha. I was headed to hang with Tim Gunn.

What does one talk about with Tim Gunn, you ask?

We talked about fashion. Duh.

And we talked about baking. Specifically, how to make doberge cakes.

Yep, I was giving him a how-to.

And as a bonus, I came home with all these clothes.

 I landed myself on the front page of the People section of our newspaper.

And in inRegister magazine.

That sure was fun.

I’m fortunate that my husband encourages my unhealthy relationship with cupcakes.

So much so that I was allowed to incorporate a “Cupcake Tour Across the Carolina’s” into our summer vacation plans to Myrtle Beach, SC. I blogged about it for Cupcakes Take The Cake, and you can read about it here.

I deemed the winner to be Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston, SC.

In the Fall, I headed to Chicago to learn to become a better blogger with two friends I met at the Martha Stewart event earlier in the year.

Me, Kristen from 3 Little Birds Boutique, Terri from Crafty Workin Mommy

I got real silly with big time blogger and fellow Louisiana girl, Amy B-Hole.

(She calls herself B-Hole, not me. I didn’t make that up. It’s short for her name, Amy Bradley-Hole).

She is fabulous for that reason alone.

And I made more incredible new friends along the way.

Do from Piggy Bank Parties (I’m a contributor on her party planning blog if you didn’t already know), Sandy from Firefly Confections, Terri, Kristen & Me.

I’ve also learned an important fact this year.

If God chooses to remove someone from your life, for whatever reason, he’s going to replace them with someone you couldn’t imagine living without- he’s not going to just leave you hanging.

I am beyond blessed for the amazing new friendships that have happened this year.

Football began, and I headed to Dallas with the husband for the LSU-Oregon matchup.

Here we are at an Athletic Department dinner the night before.

Tailgating with Robin (she’s a Junior Leaguer & AD wife, too).

And hanging with the husband in Cowboys Stadium.

Next, I took a little trip to Memphis to hang out with some of my favorite party planning/entertaining bloggers on the planet.

Me (being festive with my Beat Bama button), Laura from Eye Candy Event Details & Leanne from Plumcake Parties.

Party girls unite!

Shortly thereafter, I found myself playing in the field confetti after the big SEC Championship win over the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta.

What an amazing year!

 I’m thrilled for what 2012 has in store. Don’t be surprised if you see me head out of the US and catch me hanging in Haiti. I have BIG plans of doing MORE with my life this next year.

But first up……


Happy New Year!!!